Best Dressed 2013: David & Lavarro Jackson-Hurley

  Featuring 13 trendsetting Texans, DFW Style Daily’s Best Dressed 2013 were revealed to a sold-out crowd at Galleria Dallas on September 26th. Click here for the full list of honorees and exclusive behind-the-scenes photo shoot videos!  

  David Jackson-Hurley (above, left) Dallas, Texas & Chicago, Illinois Songwriter & Makeup Artist Lavarro Jackson-Hurley (above, right) Dallas, Texas & Chicago, Illinois CEO, Imagine Thee Bespoke Life & Events Wardrobe by Thomas Pink, Galleria Dallas Photography by Sylvia Elzafon With special thanks to The Westin Hotel  

  DFW Style Daily: How would you describe your personal style? David Jackson-Hurley: “Eclectic, hip, random, and unpredictable.” Lavarro Jackson-Hurley: “Always fabulous, unique, and stylish!” Name a person who helped to shape your style perspective. DJ-H: “My Grandmothers Dorothy and Betty shaped my style by emphasizing fit and being polished. Also, my mother always allowed me to freely express myself with clothing from an early age.” LJ-H:Hermès, Chanel, Versace, and my hubby, David Jackson-Hurley! They all influence me to not be afraid, and to think outside the box, which allows my inner style to shine bright.”  

  Do you have any wardrobe items passed down from previous generations? DJ-H: “I have some vintage fox furs and mink stoles, as well as brooches and necklaces. They're meaningful to me because of their history. I can also wear them without worry that someone else is wearing them, too.” Let’s head back in time for a moment. Do you remember a favorite ‘first day of school’ outfit? DJ-H: “I thought I was everything in this purple Lacoste polo shirt and plaid shorts, with some low-top sneakers with purple patent leather on the sides. I killed that day!” LJ-H: “Yes! I wore a Sunday jacket, little Levi's jeans, a cartoon Superman tee shirt, and my bright orange Converse Chuck Taylors.” What item in your closet do you reach for time and again? DJ-H: “White Hanes tank tops, slim denim, and a custom python belt.” Do you follow any hard-and-fast wardrobe rules? DJ-H:Nah. I do what I want, when I want. I'm a rebel and a maverick. I find it helpful to dress for how you'd like to feel rather than how you'd like to look! Try it - you'll always shine. Really.” LJ-H: “Be yourself and stay true to who you are.”  

  Did you ever follow a passing trend that, in retrospect, you might reconsider? LJ-H: “No, we don't follow trends. We create them!” What is your biggest fashion pet peeve? DJ-H: “People who dress for others and not for themselves, and as a result they look awkward or uncomfortable.” How did you feel when you learned you had been named one of Galleria Dallas and DFW Style Daily’s Best Dressed 2013?  DJ-H: “Super excited.” LJ-H: “Excited and honored.” What aspect of this program is most significant to you? DJ-H: “Being able to work with the wonderful DFW Style Daily team, as well as the amazing Galleria Dallas staff and the team at Thomas Pink.”  

Click to view an exclusive video featuring David & Lavarro Jackson-Hurley’s photo shoot!


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