Best Dressed 2013: Amanda Reed

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Featuring 13 trendsetting Texans, DFW Style Daily’s Best Dressed 2013 were revealed to a sold-out crowd at Galleria Dallas on September 26th. Click here for the full list of honorees and exclusive behind-the-scenes photo shoot videos!



Amanda Reed
Dallas, Texas
Store Manager, TENOVERSIX Dallas

Jewelry by Ylang 23, Galleria Dallas
Photography by Sylvia Elzafon
With special thanks to Grand Lux Café



DFW Style Daily: How would you describe your personal style?

Amanda Reed: “Dressing with great, key pieces like bomber jackets, architectural heels, and interesting jewelry you can live in.”

If your best friend were to describe the way you dress, what would she say?

“That I fall into designer love affairs, and that I have a strong edit in my closet at all times.”

Name a person who helped shape your personal style.

“Lisa Mayock of Vena Cava is an influence, for her arty way of dressing and great hair. Also, Chloë Sevigny for her sporty, 1990’s it-girl statements, and always incorporating heavy influences of film, art, and music from New York City.”



Do you have any wardrobe items passed down from previous generations?

“Sadly, I don’t have many pieces within my family, however my late grandmother was a lingerie buyer, and she also made many garments for my mother and aunt when they were growing up in the 1950’s. She also always had to have ‘Elizabeth Taylor brows’ in place, even in her last days.”

Let’s head back in time for a moment. Do you remember a favorite ‘first day of school’ outfit?

“Back to school shopping was a huge part of my childhood. My mom would take us to Dallas for a weekend to find great things that no one else in school would have. I would display all my finds on the hotel bed and try everything on again before taking it back home. I remember a cool sweatshirt and shorts pairing that would be pretty spot-on today.”

What item in your closet do you reach for time and again?

“Over the last few years, my leather Alexander Wang blazer has literally become a part of my body.”

Do you follow any hard-and-fast wardrobe rules?

“I’m pretty much against ‘rules.’ I think most looks can be put together in an innovative way, like denim on denim and black and navy. I respect people with style who don’t live by fashion rules.”



Did you ever follow a passing trend that, in retrospect, you might reconsider?

“Once it hits the ‘trend’ category, I’m nearly over it. I’m always searching for the next best thing, and looking to blogs and film for inspiration. I get excited about seasonal classic trends, however, like leather, hunter green, and artistic florals. All trends come back around, and growing up in the 1990’s, I will forever be involved in minimalism and attracted to elements like boots with dresses and cool backpacks.”

How did you feel when you learned you had been named one of Galleria Dallas and DFW Style Daily’s Best Dressed 2013? 

“Honored to be a part of it! I respect all the women at DFW Style Daily, and it is one of my favorite local fashion sites.”

What aspect of this program is most significant to you?

“I think it’s great that DFW Style Daily recognizes people in the city who represent diversity, and connects them for a great cause.”


Click here to view an exclusive video featuring Amanda Reed’s Galleria Dallas photo shoot!

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