The Trend Cheat Sheet: New York Fashion Week, Part 3

  Following my inspiring and thought-provoking five-day trip to New York Fashion Week, I’ve reported so far on its history and current state. I also tackled some looming questions about the continuing relevance of the frenzied, twice-yearly event.  

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  Despite so many questions and concerns, however, there is one area in which New York Fashion Week always leads the pack. In fact, when it comes to trends, NYFW is very much like the popular kid in high school.  

  The first of the major fashion weeks to be held, it's the public and the industry’s first look at new collections from hundreds of top designers. That means NYFW plays a very important role in setting trends for the current and upcoming seasons. From the runways to the more attainable street style of their onlookers, every show features at least one trend soon to be emulated far and wide. Following are the top six breakout trends I identified at New York Fashion Week. Get ready to adjust your wardrobe.  

1. Top-To-Bottom White: A surprising return of monochromatic white was seen everywhere, though temps are cooling. The strategy? If you have nothing to wear, simply grab everything white from your wardrobe and throw it all on at once. Everyone will think you're totally chic.


2. Made In The (Polarized) Shade: This ‘80s-reminiscent eyewear trend seems to be back in force. Why? Because we really don't want anyone to know where we’re looking.


3. Mad About Plaid: Don't wait until spring; start incorporating plaid into your wardrobe immediately. Pile it on (matching’s no matter), or pop in little accents for a touch of schoolgirl or grunge.



4. Avocado Is The New Mint: They’re not just for snack time anymore. A tad more assertive than last year's mandatory mint, a booming avocado shade is still not too green. It’s just the smooth and creamy touch needed for spring.



5. Crop Tops Continue: Carrying through from last season, ladies either love this trend or hate it. Either way, it just won't die.



6. Black and White Booms: Finally, another returning trend seems to be gathering strength. Prepare to see plenty of black and white this fall, continuing well into spring. At NYFW, we saw graphic looks spanning modern, bohemian, and retro-inspired aesthetics.


    All photos, credit Heather Lettieri for DFW Style Daily.        

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