Trending: Welcome (Back) To The Jungle

  Striped and spotted cats are stalking runways again in this week’s trend report. Click here for more Fall/Winter 2013 Trending!  

  Hear those roars? Animal prints, though never truly extinct in the fashion world, are making a comeback this fall. Through the decades, we have seen their popularity ebb and flow, from the ‘40s to the ‘80s to a brief showing in the ‘90s (shown above and below). In 2013, however, wild patterns are attacking more than just wardrobes, showing up in tattoos, nail art, bedding, dishes, and even Justin Bieber’s leopard print Audi. We’ll stick to apparel today, and reserve comment on the customized car.  

  From big name designers, we spotted the look in outerwear, separates, handbags, and shoes. In addition to new items, many vintage enthusiasts are resurrecting animal print looks from the past, as well. Motifs may resemble fur from leopards, cheetahs, tigers, giraffes, and countless other exotic creatures. Once a show of status and wealth, the extravagant look has been tamed with the use of faux fur in the modern age. Following are designs which caught our eye on Fall runways, plus buy-it-now pieces. But first, a word to the wise - wearing head to toe animal print can be a fashion disaster if not handled purrfectly. We like just a touch of the wild, though some may prefer to pile it on.  

Animal Prints On The Runway

    Print-on-print works in varying scales, at DVF.                           A jungle cat visits the city at DKNY.                           Acne’s play on volume features Dalmatian dots.                           Jason Wu shows a snake-clad schoolgirl.                          

Shop The Trend

  Moschino’s leopard print top ($267) defines relaxed versatility.                           From ModCloth, the Play To Spin dress ($30) is a seriously sexy steal.                       Additional research by Natalie Starnes. All images via individual designers/retailers.    

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