Trending: Fall’s New Balancing Act


Following all things modern punk, a new take on gala gowns, and more, our exploration of Fall trends continues today. Click here to review F/W 2013 Trending to date.

  This week, we’re taking a look at impressively outsized details in Fall 2013 fashion. Grandiose, indeed, though balanced and symmetrical, the coming season keeps its sophisticated statements in proportion. Through recent years, many designers stayed in safe territory, perhaps owing to the economic downturn. The fanciful, over-the-top creations of decades past, neither practical nor wearable, remained in favor only with collectors. This season, we see a shift. Cocoon-like tops and oversized outerwear are just two examples of the return of creative proportion play. Through cleaner lines and solid fabrics, we see this trend going beyond clown couture and into a clean, architectural future.  

Proportions On The Runway

    A clever, balanced take on color blocking from Iceberg.                         Fantastic fur by Vera Wang in an oversized capelet.                         Kenzo’s look draws the eye to the hip.                         At Rochas, a vest-topped look reminiscent of the ‘90s.                         Stella McCartney’s wrap coat wows in playful purple.                         Acne brings back the duster.                      

Shop The Trend

    Zara’s wide-leg trousers ($80) feature one of fall’s hottest tones.                         From Levi’s, a hooded sweater ($98) takes the trend in a boho direction.                           All images via individual designers and retailers. Additional Research by Natalie Starnes    

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