More Disasters?! Dallas’ Top Fashion Faux Pas, Part Two

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Earlier this month, we polled a trendsetting group of Texans to find out their biggest fashion don’ts. From visible panty lines to pirate boots, they called out quite a few personal pet peeves.

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We have to admit taking note of more than a couple of our panelists’ comments – and they left us wanting more. Today, a whole new group of notable locals joins the conversation. Read on for their entertaining thoughts, and we’d love to hear from you, too. Comment below with your biggest fashion faux pas!



Jennifer de Socarraz-Fleming
Board Member, Fashion Group International of Dallas

“There are only a few instances in which plastic rhinestones are acceptable in fashion: 1. Costumes for holidays such as Halloween; 2. For girls age 15 or younger; 3. Women over the age of 75. By that age, you have earned the right to wear whatever you darn well please! If none of these apply, however, then please part ways with those cheaply blinged garments and never look back. Ever.





Yvonne Crum
Co-Chair, Galleria Dallas Best Dressed 2013


“My fashion faux pas is when women wear a cocktail dress or cocktail suit to a luncheon. It always makes me feel like they were invited to cocktails and dinner and I was invited to lunch.”






Dawn Mellon
Columnist, D Moms Daily

“In my opinion, functional pockets on women’s slacks should be outlawed. We don’t carry things in our pockets. That’s why we have handbags, purses, or, as they once were called, pocket bags or pocket books. Ah, ha! So, what’s the point of putting them in our slacks? To ensure our polished look is ruined by their unsightly lines?”





Kendel R. Powers
Assistant Director of Fashion Presentation, Stanley Korshak


“The only true fashion faux pas is doppelgänger style. Individuality and confidence can carry any outfit. Just look at Anna Dello Russo, and she’s 51!”






Bel Flores
Fashion Blogger, Style By Bel

“Nail art – how much is too much? Simplicity is elegance. We’re all a little too old for arts and crafts.”








Steve Kemble
America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru

“My shout-out today goes to transparent clothing. I am one of the Fashion Police for US Weekly, and I almost ended up on the pages of that magazine myself for a major faux pas! I attended a Fluent ‘White’ Party for Veuve Clicquot in Highland Park when someone pointed out to me that my white Gucci pants were see-through! What everyone could see in the light was my baby blue Versace briefs!”




Carlotta Lennox
Model, Kim Dawson Agency

“Ladies and gentlemen, at no time is it okay to wear socks with Birkenstock sandals – whether at the airport, the beach, or getting the newspaper from your driveway.  For that matter, let’s not wear sandals or flip flops with socks of any kind, specifically white ankle or knee-high tube socks. I think it’s best if you save that look for the bedroom.”





Alex Small
Fashion Blogger, Small 4 Style

“Always do a final check in the mirror before you leave the house, and you could avoid this faux pas. You know how you feel when you try on something new and you feel fabulous? All day, people were noticing me, smiling and saying ‘hi,’ and I knew it had to be my new skirt. That night, I went to my parents’ house and my mom greeted me with a funny look. She asked, ‘Why is your skirt so crooked?’”







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