Love Vintage? These Top Ten Trends Are Hot!

  You needn’t be an industry expert to note the continuing boom in all things vintage. A quick glance down the lane of your favorite shopping district, or a few clicks through popular e-commerce sites, will likely reveal a new reseller offering clothing, accessories, or furniture from decades past. For the fashionable in 2013, mixing vintage finds with modern designs is de rigueur in both wardrobe and décor.     The real trick, as we see it, is tracking the trends in this unique area. As with couture and ready-to-wear clothing, interior design, and other retail sectors, trends drive consumer spending in the vintage category as well. These trends, however, tend to take the path less traveled, straying from the tracks of Pantone, Vogue, and other well-known indicators. Lucky for us at DFW Style Daily, we’re besties with a pair of vintage experts who have the inside track. Melissa Sands and Eric Miller are co-founders of the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show. Returning to the Metroplex this November, the popular two-day market will again gather dozens of premium vintage clothing, accessories, and décor vendors. The pair also produces Vintage Garage Chicago, the Grand Rapids Antiques Market, and other events through their company Vintage Promotions, LLC. Just released, Sands and Miller’s Top Ten Vintage Trends for Fall 2013 shows a notable shift. "The items seem to be moving more and more to the unique - things that can express the personality of the individual seeking them out," explains Sands. Her intel comes via industry observation, sales stats, and feedback from vendors across the nation. “From monogrammed items to the handmade, the goods being sought are getting more personal, specific, and unique." We’d also add that the following list reflects several clear pop culture influences from the worlds of film and television. So take note, vintage shoppers, of the following ten categories in the season to come. Read on and prepare a list for your next flea market or consignment store trip – or visit to Grandma’s house.  

Top Ten Vintage Trends for Fall 2013

  1. Vintage Ice Buckets     2. Vintage Office Chairs (pictured above, Mad Men) 3. Plaid Wool Blankets & Faded Quilts (pictured below, Moonrise Kingdom)     4. Monogrammed Items 5. Dinette Chairs from the ‘50s, ‘60s & ‘70s (pictured below, via Vintage Promotions, LLC)     6. Vintage Sporting Equipment 7. Puffy Quilted Winter Jackets & Vests from the ‘80s (pictured below, The Carrie Diaries)     8. Needlepoint Artwork     9. Decorated Drinking Glasses from the ‘60s (pictured above, Retro Tiki Glasses)     10. Jewelry Boxes from the ‘70s & ‘80s (pictured above, via Vintage Promotions, LLC)     Image credits, from top: 1., 2., 3. Vintage Promotions, LLC, 4., 5., 6. Vintage Promotions, LLC.    

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