Dressing Disasters?! Dallas’ Top Fashion Faux Pas, Part 1

    Admit it. You've fallen victim to a fashion faux pas once or twice. We're all guilty. ...And we promise not to bring up that one night when you thought you could wear Crocs and no one would notice. Oops. There are, however, some style violations that just won't fly. They may be classics, or they may be personal peeves. We reached out to eight native trendsetters for their most hated fashion don'ts, and you may wish to follow this handy guide next time you're dressing for a night out in Dallas. Do you have a fashion faux pas you'd like to share? Comment below and tell us about it!     Cynthia Smoot Principal, Gangway Advertising Editor, Oh So Cynthia "One of my fashion faux pas is Visible Panty Lines (VPL). In this day and age, a thong is not the only solution for eradicating the panty line. Most brands make some form of seamless panty, and there are many shape wear options to fit any budget. Keep people looking at your assets - not your flaws!"         Amanda Reed Manager, TenOverSix   "I believe most faux pas can be done in a new way, like ‘Texas Tuxedoes’ or fanny packs rocked to the side. But, embellishments on jeans and ballet flats would have to be the worst."           Frank Mauricio Fashion Blogger and Freelance Stylist   "The biggest fashion faux pas to me is leggings worn as pants. As the saying goes, ‘If leggings were pants, they would be called pants.’"             Freddy Duran Creative Strategist, Walton & Polk "Popped collars are a fashion faux pas I cannot stand. I understand where it came from, and how it was wildly popularized in the '90s, but I think gentlemen - real gentlemen - have no business wearing a popped collar. What's worse, I once saw a guy at an art gala wearing two polos, each with a [expletive] popped collar. His head looked like a head of lettuce or a medieval queen."         Heather Lettieri Contributor, DFW Style Daily   "My most hated fashion faux pas is when people wear clothes that simply do not fit. Whether an outfit is too big or too small, if it doesn't fit properly, it can never look good."           Yasmina Johnston Designer and Owner, inner. orbit. systems. "The biggest fashion faux pas that I see reoccur every winter season is definitely the knee high, black, slouchy boot. I say this time and time again, but there is no such thing as a ‘pirate trend.’ Let it be known, this does nothing for you."           Lisa Petty Editor-in-Chief, DFW Style Daily "Garments in poor condition or clothes that just don't fit will always trump any other wardrobe woes in my book. From a gaping waistband to a frayed hem, your local tailor can fix a thousand fashion fails. After all, it doesn't matter if you spent $1 or $1,000, the most expensive item in your closet is the one you've bought but never wear."         Ali Michael Model, IMG Models   "Fashion faux pas don't exist, especially here. Dallas is a free country."           All photos via individual experts.      

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