Screaming Tweens Greet Kendall & Kylie Jenner at Nordstrom NorthPark

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We’ll admit a touch of skepticism in advance of Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s August 2nd appearance at Nordstrom NorthPark Center. We’d witnessed vast, crazed crowds on the occasion of older sister Kim Kardashian’s Dallas visit a couple of years ago. At the height of her popularity, Kim graced Nordie’s with her presence in early 2011 (that time, at Galleria Dallas), and the result was undeniably successful. Could her younger reality star sibs draw nearly the same numbers?

The short answer? Yes. And then some.



Fans of Kendall and Kylie Jenner began gathering outside the locked doors of Nordstrom NorthPark Center in the early morning hours on Friday, August 2nd. Touring through town to promote their new jewelry line, Metal Haven, the teens were set to sign autographs and sell baubles in the retailer’s juniors-focused BP department from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. Kids – mostly tween-aged girls – arrived as early as 8 a.m. to snag a spot in line.




Hours before the Jenners’ appearance, the department store’s third floor, where the event would take place, reached maximum capacity. Overflow crowds were directed to the second floor, which would also soon reach its max. Hundreds of young fans pressed into the escalator bank for a glimpse of the floor above. NorthPark security guards patrolled on high alert, maintaining order and clear pathways for safety purposes. Though calm, for the most part, some waiting kids became anxious. Others burned off energy by shopping.



In fact, the Jenner girls’ Metal Haven jewelry sold out and was replenished multiple times throughout the day. Candy-colored necklaces were a popular item, named a fave by fans Lauren Thomas and Caroline Florence of Dallas (shown above). At $24, they were an easy buy on even the most meager allowance, as were skull stud earrings at $14, and angel wing pendants for $18.




While some shopped, other Jenner devotees held firm in line for fear of losing their place and that all-important first glimpse. Of their love of the girls’ reality show, one downright obsessed group from rural Forney gushed, “It’s basically like a religion.”



And if the Forney kids were super-fans, Andrea Flores (above, far right) and Melissa Abundis (above, center) of Red Oak were über-fans. The best friends were first to arrive at Nordstrom, and snagged the first two spots in line to meet Kendall and Kylie. They didn’t bat an eyelash when stating they’d been standing for some seven hours straight by the time we approached them for an interview.

Both Flores and Abundis are longtime Kardashian/Jenner fans. Kylie just barely eeks out her sister as the girls’ favorite of the two young Jenners (sorry, Kendall). In fact, Kylie has inspired Miss Flores to pursue modeling as her career. “She’s just not afraid to be herself,” said the girl of her idol.

The Red Oak tweens, along with many of the other girls lucky enough to be at the front of the ever-growing line, had written letters to Kendall and Kylie. All correspondence was collected by a Nordstrom employee to be passed along to the reality stars later in the day. Abundis had pored over her note and expressed great hope that it would be read, explaining, “I really wrote my feelings out to them.”



At about 3 p.m., with still half an hour until the appearance, Nordstrom NorthPark was forced to close due to reaching maximum fire code capacity. All doors were guarded and no additional shoppers or autograph hounds were allowed to enter. Indeed, the crowd had swelled to an astounding level. As the minutes to showtime clicked down, impatient applause would erupt periodically in the throngs at a glimpse of a dark-haired young woman walking by – could it be a Jenner?



The kids’ day of patience, or at least their day of mostly well-behaved waiting, was then rewarded with a prompt entrance by the reality stars.




Kendall and Kylie Jenner emerged from Nordstrom’s Bistro N at 3:30 p.m. to deafening screams and the clicks and flashes of hundreds of bedazzled camera phones. After quickly taking their seats behind a Metal Haven banner, the ladies began signing autograph after autograph (after autograph) in rapid succession. They were upbeat and friendly, though no posed photos were allowed. The tween fans didn’t seem to mind. They were satisfied with a pretty trinket and a headshot and a story to share when school starts in a few days.



To explore Metal Haven by Kendall and Kylie jewelry, visit All photos, credit Heather Lettieri for DFW Style Daily.



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