Closet Clutter? Chic Fashion Storage Is In The Bag!

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The best ideas – whether in fashion or elsewhere in life – often combine a simple concept and novel execution. Just think about your daily venti latte for proof. Such is the case with a clever Dallas company that recently caught our eye.

Founded in 2009, Bagadocious was the solution to a personal challenge for local mother of five, Leslie Fuller. A self-confessed shopaholic, Fuller sought a strategy for organizing and protecting her collection of shoes, handbags, and accessories. Sure, the typical photo-taped-to-shoe-box could work in some cases, but what about travel? What about vintage finds and family heirlooms that didn’t come with original packaging? And how to make it all look stylish?



Through a combination of high-resolution photography and durable drawstring bags, Fuller hit on the answer to all of these questions. Her customized Bagadocious bags feature a full-color image of exactly the item they are designed to protect. From boots to bags to sunglasses, storage is streamlined. Plus, pretty trim, lining, and divided compartments elevate the bags from utilitarian staples to everyday luxuries (like that latte).



We scoped Bagadocious in person last week, and the totes were so nice, we were tempted to order a few extras to use for shopping trips or gifts. And with prices starting below $20, why not? Our enthusiasm mirrored that of reality stars from the Shahs of Sunset and the Real Housewives of Atlanta, who recently fawned over Fuller’s creations at the MTV Movie Awards gifting suite. Locally, Heritage Auctions also utilizes Bagadocious to protect its covetable designer offerings.


Bagadocious bags are available exclusively online. Orders require a photo of your shoe or accessory, taken yourself or sourced from a retailer’s website. For more information and specific pricing, visit Here’s to a simple, stylish solution that doesn’t break the bank!


All photos courtesy of Bagadocious.



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