Chanel Dallas Metiers d’Art Show Date, Theme Revealed!




In January, we shared the exciting news of Karl Lagerfeld’s plans to stage Chanel’s next Metiers d’Art show here in Dallas. Via British Vogue came the announcement, following the designer’s interview with Bridget Foley at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit in New York.


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Metiers d’Art productions are hallmarked by their grand scale and intense attention to detail. In December of last year, for example, a breathtaking centuries-old palace in Edinburgh hosted the show, complete with whiskey refreshments, bag pipers, and an exclusive dinner overlooking a loch (pictured below).



We’ve exercised great patience in awaiting the announcements of both date and theme for this fashion event. As good Southern ladies, we know it’s a virtue. Thankfully, however, the wait seems to be over.

Reported by WWD and confirmed by Vogue, Chanel’s Dallas Métiers d’Art show will take place Tuesday, December 10th. What’s more, CCP-Luxury reports that its theme, The Return, will be inspired by Coco Chanel’s U.S. success in the 1950’s. The source quotes Lagerfeld explaining of his choice, “The French press hated the collection, and it was the American press who rediscovered her.”



The cherry on top of this double-scoop sundae is that Lagerfeld is also directing a short film to accompany the December show. Starring Geraldine Chaplin as the lady herself, filming will take place in Paris with co-stars Rupert Everett and Arielle Dombasle.

As we bask in the glow of date and theme, we continue to await location details. Keep in mind also that the only constant in fashion is change. We’d not be surprised to learn that December 10th was but a tentative or decoy date.



Reporting contributed by Heather Lettieri. Lagerfeld image via Additional images, credit Chanel 2013/14 Fall-Winter Haute Couture Collection shown at top.