WAAS Gallery Looks Into Fashion’s Future

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Fashion in the FUTURE will follow only three rules.



Rule No. 1: Be Cool



It seems like everyone I define as cool was at last Saturday’s FUTURE event at WAAS Gallery (2722 Logan St., Dallas). I was there too, obviously, and I was thrilled to finally be in the right place for once.

Chris Lund, a.k.a. DJ Left/Right, and co-host Kelsey Kincannon, have been throwing progressive parties in this series for months. The pair often collaborate with visual artist pal LEWTHEZULU, who uses old Barney’s mannequins for shock value. Or cool value. This latest setting was perfect for the fashionable crowd. Models posed by WAAS Gallery’s walls, covered in designs of colored sand. They later walked a runway made from the artist’s leftovers.



Rule No. 2: Think Ahead



This time around, Lund added fashion into the mix. Cool again. Of course, someone as forward-thinking as Lund has an equally badass counterpart to help with this task. Enter girlfriend Amanda Reed, manager of Dallas newbie TenOverSix, and the girl who’s been quietly changing the way our city views downtown shopping. Not an easy feat, as it turns out. But that’s a different story.

At FUTURE, models with heavy brows, dark lips, and slicked-back hair sported the latest pieces from TenOverSix as they walked the color-blocked sand. None wore heels, because in the future, girls are also more sensible about their footwear.



Rule No. 3: Join Forces



To my eye (and this is my Diary, after all), the best part of FUTURE was that it delivered. The top players, from event coordinators to stylists to DJ’s, all came together to give the people exactly what they wanted. That’s a rarity, and I love it.

Let’s hope for more cool stuff like this in the future.




All photos, credit Heather Lettieri for DFW Style Daily.



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