Photographer Gray Malin Inspires Stylish Wanderlust


  Sometimes you just know that you're meant to see the world. Gray Malin (above) knew it from a young age. The award-winning photographer grew up locally in the Preston Hollow neighborhood, and graduated from the Episcopal School of Dallas. Eventually, his work would grace the walls of the Dallas Museum of Art. Today, Malin’s photography is currently displayed in all 50 states, as well as many countries around the globe. Now based in Los Angeles, he imagines that everyday is an opportunity for a getaway, and he uses his art to inspire that feeling in others. His photos combine color, repetition, water, and light to achieve the perfect image of summer love.  

  After leaving his job working for the president of Paramount Pictures, Malin started showing his photos every Sunday at the internationally famous Melrose Fairfax Flea Market. Several celebrities and galleries took notice. Soon, this southern boy decided to join together his two passions, photography and marketing, and created his own company Maison Gray - The House of Gray Malin Photography.  

  Best known to some for his western imagery of Prada Marfa and his bird's-eye views of luxurious beach settings (shot from door-less helicopters), Malin creates highly stylized scenes. For instance, in his series A Timeless Pursuit, he photographed a wandering model wearing a vintage Oscar de la Renta dress in locations including New York City, Paris, and Los Angeles, over four years’ time (above). The photos whisper secrets of the young woman, whose face is never shown. Eventually, the series was made into a book.  

  In his most recent series (below) Malin traveled to Bolivia to Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world. The color temperature reaches so high there, that everything appears more vibrant. Malin used no editing, and all the images are presented in raw form. His intention was to show brightness and joy in an unknown place, and to leave the interpretation of the images up to each viewer.  

  In December, Malin’s newest work will be revealed. This time, he will take us to the greatest unknown. Antarctica. Visit for more information.     All photos courtesy Maison Gray.      

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