Attention Dallas, Edo Popken Has Spoken!




Edo Popken’s great grandfather Johann was masterful in his perspective on fashion, passing down a family legacy in the fine art of tailoring. Just in time for Father’s Day, the Swiss fashion designer brings this “art of quality” in menswear to Dallas. Just days ago, we had the pleasure of previewing Popken’s brand new Design District store (1523 Dragon St.), now open to the public.



Popken combines a technical background – and a little numerology – with his rich family history. Having Boulder, Colorado as his first American experience as an exchange student, he went on to become a college instructor with a background in technical design. Today, he heads a family-owned Vertical Multi-Channel Retailer, better known as the T-Model. But, industry jargon aside, it is his personal connection to the brand that makes this retail model successful.

He creates a high-end product that is not trendy, but speaks to a modern sensibility. (Some believe that bold colors and shocking stripes equal a trendy garment, but we do not always feel that is the case.) This detailed clothing is three dimensional, with added touches that would rival any European Atelier.



Said touches include split and satin-banded collars, not to be over shadowed by the tightly-sewn stitch count. Of note, the family has worked with the same Turkish cotton manufacturer and the same sewing house in Germany for generations. Popken also personally engineered buttons that will not disintegrate if gents choose to dry-clean his shirts. Finally, his signature of fabulously cheery colors encourages any wallflower to step out of his comfort zone to impress.



As for Popken’s practice of numerology, a #1 signet marks the sleeve of his polo shirts. Because who wants to be number two? Confident, handsome, precise, and driven, his major rule is, “Do it right if you are going to do it at all!”

Dallas, you heard it here first. Edo Popken has spoken.



Edo Popken store exterior, credit DFW Style Daily. Additional images via Jackson & Flagg Public Relations.