Neiman’s Helps You Get Bikini Ready (It’s Not What You Think!)



If you’re not quite ready to face the inevitable task of summer swimsuit shopping, Neiman Marcus may be able to help.

No, it’s not a fresh new crop of tempting designer suits – though Neiman’s is fully-stocked in that department. Rather, new Go Figure menu items available at all in-store eateries offer a healthy alternative to typical mall food.

Doesn’t Fire Roasted Tomato Soup, accessorized with feta and mint, sound like a dream? Or how about a Tuscan Chicken Melt, topped with mozzarella cheese? Choices like these, plus oodles more, kick well-toned rear in comparison to often flabby food court fare.

What’s more, slimmed-down cocktails are also available. …Because if the figure-flattering food doesn’t fuel sufficient swimsuit shopping confidence, vodka will surely do the trick.


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