Jesse Thaxton: A Secret & A Storyteller

  Let me tell you a secret. I go to a lot of fashion shows. Just kidding! That's common knowledge. Seriously though, every day I meet a budding designer or a see a favorite's newest collection. I photograph happenings backstage and on the runway; I talk with producers and designers. Sometimes, it seems I've seen and heard it all. The real secret is that, with this experience, it takes a lot more to excite me. I quickly lose interest when the production level is a bust, the designs aren't up to par, or I already know what to expect. Occasionally, however, a designer plays the black horse card. Jesse Thaxton is just that designer. Her creations always make for a great show.  

  I was first introduced to Thaxton (above, left) through a mutual friend, and I watched her showcase a few designs the night we met in Deep Ellum at a mystical, artsy show. Almost immediately, I realized everyone was already singing her praises, and I was just late to the game. Shortly afterward, Thaxton sent her Melancholic Designs down the runway at this year’s amazing Pin Show. My editor even wore one of her looks to DIFFA Collection 2013.  

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  Thaxton, just 27 years old, is no stranger to the world of fashion design, and she continuously expands on her craft. She graduated from the University of North Texas with an emphasis on pattern making, illustration, and construction. She is a gifted tailor, also skilled in the art of costume design. Her historical, theatrical, and fantasy costumes inspire a bit of drama in all of her ready-to-wear garments. Every design from Jesse Thaxton tells a story, and I believe she will be spinning that story for a long time to come. But don't take my word for it - see for yourself. Included below are runway images I've taken of Melancholic Designs at this year's Pin Show, and most recently, RAW Dallas. To learn more, visit  

    Runway images, credit Heather Lettieri for DFW Style Daily. Jesse Thaxton illustration via Click here for more Heather's Diary.    

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