Hip Chixs Denim Swims On After ABC’s Shark Tank

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After being left to sink or swim on ABC’s Shark Tank, Hip Chixs Denim founders Aimee Miller and Megan Jackson (pictured above) had a decision to make. The friends and business partners survived several elimination rounds on the fourth season of the entrepreneur-focused reality show, finally facing the celebrity “sharks” for one hour (edited down to seven minutes). Ultimately, their company did not net a prized investment, but Miller and Jackson chose to forge on.


Today, the philosophy of their Dallas-based company hasn’t changed. Both native Texans and Baylor University grads, these women hand-picked every part of their signature jean design. That’s fabric, washes, logo, red rivets, Italian hardware, style names, and pocket slogan, for the record. In other words, giving a gal a sexy derrière was one thing, but giving up on their young company after a little “shark” encounter was not an option.



Since launching Hip Chixs Denim in 2011, Miller and Jackson are still best friends and continue to inspire one another. To be sure, that’s not an easy feat in the business world – especially through a trial like Shark Tank.


Following quick local success and the national attention offered by television, their website was buzzing and ladies were blogging about their prettier Hip Chixs-clad backsides. At first, the line’s Made-in-America premium denim  – a soft fabric, woven like a silk cocoon – started off at premium pricing. The “sharks” barked at this flaw, and it eventually turned out to be the partners’ biggest company correction.



In response, they increased their unit count, reducing the cost per pair of jeans. Today, Hip Chixs’ top-selling Skinnie Bootie rings in at $187, a straight and narrow style that flatters the hind side. A jean that is soft, supporting, sexy, and motivational?  We’re in!


Moving forward, new Hip Chixs styles are in development. They’ll soon offer additional fits, washes, sizes, and added décor details. The current collection is available at The Blues Jean Bar in Snider Plaza, and this month at Indigo 1745 in the Bishop Arts District. In the comfort of your home, order Hip Chixs online at HipChixs.com.



Shark Tank images via Facebook.com; denim image credit Stacey Potter Jemison. Kindly give credit where credit is due.





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