A Deep Ellum Dream Girl, In RubyBritt Designs

  Chelsea Stumo seems to stitch a spirit of mystery into all of her garments. Each piece is a retelling of an old story in modern time.   After studying at London College of Fashion, the young designer strengthened her skills at Michael Kors and Banana Republic. Now, she has launched her own label, RubyBritt, Inc., and is busy making a name for herself in Big D. In fact, her company is fully Dallas-based, from design to production.   Of course, that doesn't mean people elsewhere haven't taken notice of her nostalgic yet contemporary creations. Hollywood is already knocking at Chelsea's front door. Select RubyBritt items will be featured in the upcoming film Rumors of Wars.  

  As a big fan, I was eager to get a peek at Chelsea’s newest collection. With black and white graphics hot on the mind, I chose simple, bold looks from her upcoming Autumn/Winter line to showcase here. An hour before sundown, my team took to the aged side streets of Deep Ellum and created our very own daydream. Or was it a memory?   Vibrant phantoms swirled around a sophisticated girl in a familiar ghost town. You wanted to follow her, to see where she was going, but she kept moving with the breeze. This girl could be headed anywhere. With a strong gust of wind, she's already gone.  

    RubyBritt, Inc.'s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection will be available August 15th. Visit RubyBritt.com for more information.     Photography by Jarrod Fresquez; Makeup by Sydney Dillard; Hair by Jennica LynnLee; Lighting Direction by William Fisher; Featuring model Samantha Alexander, The Clutts Agency.    

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