Peg Cribari Picks Favorite Cuts & A Look Dallas Should Ditch!

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Last week, we picked the brain of top Dallas stylist Peg Cribari. The Salon Three Thirty co-owner spilled a few secrets, namely the unspoken cues – and big ol’ red flags – that provide key insights into her clients’ style.


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Turns out, she was just getting started. Today, we’ll draw upon Peg’s 30-plus years of experience again to learn her favorite classic styles and the look she thinks Big D ladies could do without.



DFW Style Daily: How would you describe your own sense of style? 

Peg Cribari: “My sense of style is hippie-punk chic.”


Which haircuts would you say are trendy or most popular at the moment?

“Hollywood stars are wearing long hair with fringe (bangs), soft curls, and some short cuts that are cropped like Ann Hathaway and Miley Cyrus.”


What haircuts do you believe are the most flattering and classic?

“In my opinion, the most flattering cuts are those that are true to the natural capabilities of the clients’ hair, and those that fit their sense of style.”


Do you have any favorite iconic styles from fashion or film history?

“I love a beautiful bob, and cuts like Twiggy’s ‘60s crop (pictured below).”



What’s the best way for a fashion follower to choose a hairstyle or color that compliments his or her wardrobe?

“I believe it is best left to the hairdresser to guide a client through a thorough analysis of everything from their sense of fashion to the capabilities of their hair, to come up with a custom cut. Also, color should always compliment the cut.”


Do your more fashion forward clients change their hair frequently, or do they stick with one look? 

“I change my fashion forward clients’ hair every year or so.”


If you could give us one tip to avoid a hair disaster, what would it be? 

“Be willing to take the time to book a consultation with a hairdresser, prior to booking the actual appointment. If a hairdresser refuses to do this, be careful. They may not listen to you on the day of the appointment!”



Do you have any advice for those who feel they can do their own hair at home?

“I do not recommend home hair cuts, and especially not color! We correct a lot of home color jobs. Fortunately hair grows, so it can recover from a bad home cut, but color disasters are very costly, and they ruin the hair.”


Can you recommend any temporary changes that can give a new effect without major commitment?

“There are clip-in extensions that can give the look of long hair for events. There is even chalk-in color for a quick pink or purple pop.”


What’s one Dallas hair trend that you could do without?

“I love blonde hair, but way too many people in Dallas have over-processed blonde hair that lacks tone. Blonde is much prettier and more flattering when it is multi-dimensional. If the roots look too dark compared to the ends, one needs to ask if the hair is too blonde to begin with. It usually is.”



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