Dallas Filmmaker Favors Wearable Conversation-Starters

    Want to know what’s behind the closet doors of one of our city’s creative luminaries? Today, Obsession Confession takes you inside the wardrobe of Jason Cirone, Producer and Director of Development for M3 Films. Currently working on films including the star-studded Starck Project and a much-anticipated Stanley Marcus documentary, Cirone’s role on M3’s incredible team puts him at the front lines of Dallas’ artistic evolution. Below, he’ll confess to a curious sartorial addiction.  

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    The Obsession: Boasting a covetable collection of statement-making socks, Cirone admits to an affinity for “funky” feet.   The Confession: Of his footwear fixation, this film expert muses, “For me, style is mostly about comfort, and that starts with my feet. A lot of people think head to toe; I think just the opposite.”         The Rationalization: After declaring 2013 “The Year of Style,” Cirone blames the fashionable resolution for his obsession. “It's the socks that help reveal the creative kid that lives within me,” he explains. “I get more comments on my socks than anything else, and I get the most compliments on those purchased by Crystal, my better half!”           The Collection: “From mustaches to deer antlers to pirate-robots, my socks tend to feature crazy, conversation-starting prints,” notes Cirone, who thinks beyond traditional solids or stripes.   Shop It: Snag haute socks at Neiman Marcus or online via MrPorter.com. Our picks include Psycho Bunny’s bright stripes, Arthur George by Robert Kardashian’s unique print, and Paul Smith’s oceanic argyle.         Jason Cirone headshot by C.J. Cheng. Product images via individual retailers. Kindly give credit where credit is due.      

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