Charlotte Olympia Reveals New Shoes & A Surprise Announcement!

    "I always look down." At your feet, that is. Charlotte Olympia Dellal creates shoes and bags for 'It Girls' and socialites near and far through her popular label, Charlotte Olympia. The British designer, who is currently on a promotional tour of Neiman Marcus stores, stopped into Dallas’ NorthPark Center location on Tuesday afternoon to unveil her latest collection of Zodiac-themed flats and matching clutches.     This Cosmic Collection was indeed the star of the day. Beginning half an hour early, a slight but unrelenting crowd gathered near a round table in the center of Neiman’s Shoe Salon where all twelve matching sets were on display. Keeping with the horoscope theme, two fortune tellers gazed into their crystal balls revealing patrons’ futures, while waiters passed Zodiac-decorated petit fours and Champagne.     The lady of the hour, dressed in a pale pink peplum dress with an angora cardigan draped over her shoulders, sat off to the side at a small stand. Fans lined up to approach her, ready to have their Polaroid pictures snapped and autographed. Dellal took time with each signing, frequently drawing her trademark Charlotte's web design on the photos. Many devotees either wore their favorite pair or purchased some new kicks to have them signed as well.     The new collection of colored Lucite clutches, each adorned with a hand-painted enamel Zodiac symbol, was also a hot seller. Dellal herself carried the Gemini design (her birthday is June 5th). And with birthdays on the brain, before heading out to catch her flight for the tour's next stop, Dellal shared some unexpected news. The mother of two boys, Dellal is now pregnant with her third child. She hinted that, if she has a girl this time, there will definitely be some miniature Charlotte Olympia booties hitting the market. But you’ll have to wait to know; Dellal wants to keep the gender a surprise. Hopefully a baby girl is in the stars.   Visit and to explore the latest from Charlotte Olympia.      All photos, credit Heather Lettieri for DFW Style Daily.  

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