Demerara Boutique Debuts Julian Hakes’ Futuristic Shoes

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This past Saturday, April 13th, the weather was warm but West Village boutique Demerara was hot. Owners Cassie and Andrea Ganesh hosted a soirée for the Dallas debut of the ‘Mojito Collection’ by Julian Hakes London. These one-of-a-kind futuristic shoes are promoted locally by Fort Worth-based e-commerce site, Aberrant Sole.



Shoppers from as far as Australia are grabbing up these new functional pieces of footwear art, both trendy and comfy. Two years in the making, they are the brainchild of award-winning architect-turned-designer, Julian Hakes. Intriguing to the eye, their high-tech composite material twists around the foot to support both ball and heel at once. At the Demerara debut, boutique regulars and curious onlookers experienced this new shoe while DJ Ramses played irresistible tunes.



Being one of a kind and matchless is the mission of Aberrant Sole founder Nina Charles (above left, with Cassie Ganesh). Through her company, this recent Art Institute of Dallas grad showcases unique shoe companies from her home base of Ft. Worth. We took this latest offering for a test drive, and the sleek and edgy ‘Mojito’ was actually comfortable. Plus, the material has memory. An advantage for those with thinner feet, they also cushion things up a bit!

Prices range from $250 to $280, via The ‘Mojito’ will certainly make people stop and ask, “What are those? And where’d you get them?”




(Event photos credit Rhonda Sargent Chambers for DFW Style Daily; Product photography by Tyson Sadlo, London/Milan)




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