Charlotte Olympia On Old Hollywood, New Collections & Her Upcoming Trip To Big D

    Think about your most recent trip to the shoe department at Neiman Marcus. Among all that tempting wearable art, chances are, the designer responsible for the most irresistibly imaginative pairs to catch your eye was Charlotte Olympia Dellal. The 31-year-old launched her label Charlotte Olympia in 2007, enjoying almost immediate success with popular creations such as her kitty slippers and fruity platforms. Known for her glamorous yet nostalgic look, Dellal's personal style has become as much an influence on her fans as her kitschy clutches and pumps. While her accessories aren't made for everyone, her loyal following of it-girls and fashion experts continues to grow. With the Charlotte Olympia Spring line in full swing, Dellal is preparing to launch her new Zodiac-inspired Cosmic Collection this month. In fact, she’ll be stopping by Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center next Tuesday, April 16th to show off those twelve new flats and matching clutches – and more. Check out our Event Calendar for all the details on her upcoming personal appearance. In the meantime, we played pen pal with the London-based designer before her visit to town. Read on for exclusive insights into Dellal’s latest collections and inspirations, plus what's up next for Charlotte Olympia.     DFW Style Daily: Your Pre-Fall 2013 line pays homage to classic Hollywood starlets and the golden age of film. Which new pieces from the collection are you most excited about?  Charlotte Dellal: “A few of my favorites include the Leading Lady platform sandals (shown above) in printed silk or glitter, with Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis showcased on the toes, and the Mae West, which is an embroidered T-bar sandal featuring the lady herself. The Walk of Fame clutch and Box Office Pandora are also a couple of my favorite bags from the Pre-Fall Hollywoodland collection.”   Where do your design inspirations originate? “I draw my inspiration from everyday, but also from Old Hollywood glamour and pinups from the ‘40s and ‘50s. The Pre-Fall 2013 collection is special to me for that very reason, and it coincides with the opening of our store in L.A. this May.”   Your mom, Andrea, and sister, Alice, are both gorgeous models known for their own personal styles. Do you ever borrow from one another’s closets? “I don't like borrowing or lending. I actually get that from my mother. However, I have been lucky enough to inherit some beautiful clothes from her wardrobe.”   Do you prefer designing shoes or accessories?  “I enjoy them equally, and every style of shoe and accessory is very much intertwined with the theme of the collection and the Charlotte Olympia sensibility.”   Would you consider designing a clothing line? “At the moment, I am focusing on expanding my range of products – bags, in particular.”   What are you wearing for spring?  “My Spring/Summer Collection is entitled La Vie en Rose. It is a romantic and clichéd view of Paris, from the boudoir to the Eiffel Tower. This Spring, I will be wearing Colette (shown below), my take on a Marabou-feathered boudoir slipper, featuring a poodle head accessory on the toe.”   Have you ever been to Dallas? “I haven't, and I'm very excited to be visiting! However, I wish I was staying long enough to really enjoy it.”   What’s coming up next for Charlotte Olympia? “The Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, which is called Once Upon a Time, is inspired by fairy tales and enchanted forests.”     (Lead image via; Inset image via; Product images, credit    

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