It’s ‘Game On’ For a Hot New Dallas Design Team

    Spring and summer never fail to bring with them two things: new ideas and youthful energy. Two local designers, Leon McKenzie and Aaron Aguirre, combine these qualities in unexpected ways. Aguirre launched Freshmen Clothing & Apparel in December of 2011. His line of quality tanks, tees, and sweatshirts each carry the label's logo and are made right in here in Texas. And if you’re thinking Freshmen is still hiding under the radar, you'd be wrong. This young brand has quickly gained a loyal (and growing) cult following.     Enter Leon McKenzie. Already known as an acclaimed Dallas hip-hop artist, McKenzie got the idea to customize his NBA jersey one day and hasn't looked back since. Building on the concept, Aguirre and McKenzie teamed up for a design collaboration dubbed Miel y Noir. Through the new line, McKenzie creates each jersey by hand, and all custom fabrics relate somehow to the player. For example, the aptly selected fabric used for Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is a limited-supply rose print. You can also custom order your own style. Game on.                   Photography by Travis G. Lilley; Make-up and hair by Kaia Bellanca; Featuring models Camille Cucjen, Adriana Rodriguez, and Afomia Hailemeskel        

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