Anthony Muelle’s A Man With A Brand

  Talk about a true Renaissance man. Meet Anthony Muelle, a Dallas designer who defines the term.   Muelle, a former Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, is the creative and conceptual founder of label Hueso Outlaw. Describing his line as “no glitz, all grit,” he shares his Obsession Confession with us today. Read on as we reveal the brands and dynamic branding initiatives that are commanding Anthony Muelle’s attention right now.     The Obsession: True to his entrepreneurial spirit, Muelle is addicted to design that blends artistry, commercial purpose, and most importantly, color.   The Confession: “I absolutely geek out over logos and design that craft a brand’s identity,” he explains. “It's the most pure blend of form and function one could ever find, and the psychology of color is integral to representing the attitude of a brand.”         The Rationalization: Elaborating on his fixation, Muelle notes, “Design is always a sign of the times. Seeing a catalog of historical logos is like looking at age progression photography of a city, and you can literally see growth at every phase. Sometimes it's just a twist of fate that comes about, and sometimes it's a zeitgeist of social attitudes that make a logo relevant. Even the most iconic of logos go through their own cycles of evolution.”       The Collection: The designer shows a love for labels in his personal favorites. Says Muelle, “Branding goes beyond the logo. The Burberry plaid and Louboutin’s red soles are signature looks that also have international brand equity.”     Shop It: Following an eight month process perfecting Hueso Outlaw’s logo, Muelle points to a favorite from his current collection. “I used our company’s logo to create my leather cuffs,” the designer reveals. “Hueso is Spanish for ‘bone,’ and the name is also a phonetic play on ‘Way So Outlaw.’ It looks piercing, like a cattle brand, and represents a blend of symmetry and geometric structure, with organic curves to keep it from being rigid.”       Visit to explore Anthony Muelle’s designs.       Hueso Outlaw Lookbook image by Renato Rimach Photography; Product image by Baxley & Fine Photography    

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