My Life In Stellas: The New Girl (Back) In Town



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I’m back with Part 2 of my series today. Click here for Part 1 of My Life In Stellas.



Monday, October 29, 2012. Hurricane Sandy decided to personally redecorate my Manhattan apartment. While most of my clothes and Stellas survived – clear priorities – my sustainable and animal-friendly home floated away. I’d officially become that ‘best dressed homeless woman’ my dad had often warned me about, so I packed up a few boxes and flew south for the winter. Hello Tejas! And by the way NYC, snowbirds are certainly on to something.

When I left Dallas in early 2008, organic and local really only happened at Whole Foods or similar stores. Back then, being plant-based to most people meant you wanted your bacon on the side! Fast forward five years, and not only is Dallas buzzing about local farm-to-table restaurants like FT33 and organic juice bars like The GEM, but Stella McCartney has moved into Highland Park Village.

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There is certainly a green movement making waves in Dallas, and with more stores per capita than almost anywhere in the country, this city has plenty of opportunities to embrace a fashionable, plant-based, and animal-friendly lifestyle. Such businesses could even flourish here. It’s time Big D is known for more than Cowboys, debutantes, the Bachelor, and Big Rich Texas.

So, today, check out some favorite finds I picked up while exploring a few of Dallas’ new green businesses in Charlie, my Prius. By the way, Pat Lobb’s Toyota of McKinney, where I picked up Charlie, is the first of its kind – a LEED Certified Car Dealership. For more on that term and plenty of others, click here to read my Green Buzzword Glossary.




At Milk & Honey Boutique on Henderson Avenue, I found a sustainable WeWood Jupiter Beige Watch.










I picked up cruelty free eye shadow by Zuzu Luxe at Whole Foods Plano.





Spa Habitat in the West Village carries vegan SpaRitual nail polish in Copper Shimmer.










I scooped up the last Noemi Tote from Stella McCartney Highland Park Village. Visit Stella’s website to learn more about this fair trade find.









Farrah B.’s Don’t Mess with Texas Necklace from The Gypsy Wagon on Henderson Avenue is upcycled.











Finally, at some point all this shopping will make you hungry. Why not keep it local? Try the kale salad at Origin Natural Food in Uptown. It’s delicious, and even better, they deliver!









If you have any specific questions, or any sustainable and animal-friendly favorites to share, email me through our Contact Page.


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