Texas Designers Advance On NBC’s Fashion Star




Following a strong start for both Dallas native Amber Perley and Austin’s Priscilla Barroso on the Season Two premier of NBC’s Fashion Star, a gap has widened between the Texas designers in subsequent episodes. While Amber’s creations continue to score bids from the buyers, Priscilla’s narrow range has landed her in a precarious position.


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Entering episode three, Priscilla is one of three remaining designers on celebrity mentor Nicole Richie’s team. Amber’s a member of John Varvatos’ team, where all four original contestants are still standing. Team Jessica Simpson was also down one designer.

Kicking things off, hostess Louise Roe declared, “This week our designers were challenged to prove that size doesn’t matter.”

Buyers from Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Express sat ready to evaluate two versions of each designer’s creation on the runway – one in a sample size, and one in plus size. Though not what we’d call a tactful presentation, the task aimed illustrate the ability (or lack thereof) to dress a range of body types.



“I need a cuddle,” Priscilla (pictured above) cooed, feeling downtrodden after ending up in the bottom of the lot last week. Gun shy, she feared repeat retailer rejections.

Team leader Nicole Richie picked up on the vibe, revealing that she was “definitely a little bit concerned about Priscilla.” She noted that the quirky designer would need to keep a closer eye on the marketability of her clothing, moving forward.

Again, Priscilla rehashed childhood feelings of isolation among her peers and her community, and again, she settled upon a vintage-inspired frock with potentially limited appeal. Nicole cautioned that the polka dot design might not flatter a curvy figure, per the challenge. Priscilla stood her ground, however, stating, “I want to prove to America that, yeah, any woman can wear my clothes. It’s not just for skinny bitches.”

Teammate Daniel, meanwhile, created a dress that (deliberately) looked like a tree.  Okay.



Over at team John Varvatos, Amber was hard at work on a hot orange mini-dress. Whispering over coffee, challenger Hunter disparaged the look as a repeat of previous weeks. Were her comments a case of sour grapes?

Indeed, it seems so far that Hunter is Amber’s biggest competition. Both lovely blondes, they are both also favored by Express. This episode, though, Hunter pledged to catch Macy’s eye with her trendy, peplum-accented dress (pictured above).



With everything riding on the runway, Priscilla again failed to impress. “The fit’s not right,” Nicole lamented, observing bunches and bags in all the wrong places. A grimace from the Macy’s buyer mirrored the critique. Ultimately netting no bids, Priscilla again risked elimination.

Rounding out a triple whammy for team Nicole Richie, Joanna and Daniel also received no bids. Surprising no one, Saks dubbed Daniel’s tree dress “gimmicky.”

Amber (pictured above), on the other hand, presented a flattering look in both sample and plus size. It appealed to Express again, and Saks as well, with the latter bidding higher at $55,000. As for Hunter, while she didn’t attract Macy’s per her goal, Express picked up her design for $60,000.



Unable to narrow down to just two designers to present to the buyers for final elimination, the celebrity mentors offered up Priscilla, David, and Joanna.  Once again, Priscilla squeaked by, as David was eliminated with two out of three buyers’ votes.

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