SISU Uptown Hosts Hit & Miss Miami Fashion Show

    Many components are required for the successful production of a runway show. Scouting the perfect venue, casting professional talent, and possessing a near-obsessive attention to detail top the list. This Wednesday, March 20th, Glitzy Glam Cocktails put on the "Miami in Dallas" show at SISU Uptown Resort. While the location was on-point for the evening's theme, and a few designers excelled, the remainder of the production left much to be desired.     The show began over an hour late. Lighting was extremely limited, and spectators strained to see the clothing being showcased. As for that clothing, it was hit or miss. Four designers headlined, and five additional labels, such as Trousseau of Dallas lingerie, were sent down the catwalk as well. Several collections failed to gel with the theme for the night. Renaissance-style dresses and bikinis accessorized with fingerless gloves don't evoke images of Miami. Models, many unsigned and inexperienced, stumbled around the poolside runway throughout the show. Luckily, a few familiar faces managed to shine in spite of the darkened setting. If the production team had utilized professional models from one of our local agencies, however, the show would have suffered less.     But it wasn't a total loss. Headlining designer Jaer Caban, who traveled from Puerto Rico, showed true skill for designing well-made garments. His flirty dresses (above) were accented with ribbon and cork details.     Dallas favorite Silk Threads was challenged with showing a more Latin American vibe, rather than its signature Indian-inspired looks. The creative stretch paid off with saucy dresses (above) perfect for a Samba down by the beach.     Reality TV personality Melissa Poe of Big Rich Texas (pictured at top) wrapped the show with her PoeM Collections line of swimwear cover-ups. Her pieces were simple, fun, and playful. Poe's design aesthetic translates to easy-but-fashionable cover-ups (above) to slip over a suit before dinner or shopping. Also noteworthy were DJ Joe Vega and artist Toni Martin, with mesmerizing and colorful paintings on display. Jewelry for the night was supplied by Phyre Studio. Maria Christina, the woman behind Glitzy Glam Cocktails, hopes to make this "Miami in Dallas" show an annual event. She is already in talks with the coordinators of Miami Fashion Week to join forces for 2014.   (All photography by Jarrod Fresquez)  

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