Talking Shop with Vivanti’s Dynamic Duo



We here at DFW Style Daily are practicing our poker faces as we prepare to co-host Mockingbird Station’s “Spring-A-Ding-Ding” What to Wear bash next Thursday, March 28th. In honor of the soirée’s Las Vegas vibe, we’re doubling down with Obsession Confessions from not one but two Dallas trendsetters.

Vivanti Group founder Laura Schieber, and ace account executive Silver Hogue are the marketing mavens behind Mockingbird Station. Today, the duo reveals their latest accessory addictions and top destinations for spotting hidden gems.




The Obsessions: Schieber confesses an addiction to edgy pieces that reflect her independent spirit, while Hogue notes an affinity for avant-garde accessories.







The Confessions: “Regardless of the price point, I love to find things with a special detail or a little bit of an edge, like Valentino’s Rockstud ballet flats or the pterodactyl charm necklace I bought at FIG Finale,” explains Schieber.

Hogue elaborates on her personal aesthetic, stating, “Figuring out a way to make an outrageous color or print, exaggerated statement piece, or quirky pattern work is attractive to me.”



The Rationalizations: “I’ve always enjoyed bending the rules,” shares Schieber of her style motivation. “As a result, I appreciate all things independent – artists, films, music, craft cocktails, restaurants, and boutiques.”

As for Hogue, she adds, “I like my wardrobe like I do my friends: A mixture of relaxed and refined, tough and feminine, but always complementary. I love to enjoy the full spectrum of everything.”





The Collections: The ladies snag many of their unique finds at local boutiques, including Mockingbird Station exclusives Movida for bags and bling (above), and Relativity Outdoors for luxe activewear. Schieber is also currently coveting the Riley bag by Dallas label Ashard Richley ($100, left), and Hogue is rocking a Toy Watch Ceramica ($200, left) and cocktail rings galore.




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