Dallas Bag Brand ‘Cykochik’ Seeks Kickstarter Boost

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Okay. We’ll admit that the best birthday cards always come with money inside. It’s a new concept, however, to celebrate a company’s birthday with the gift of green.



One Dallas fashion business is looking to do just that.


Boasting a creative concept, if a quizzical name, Cykochik Handbags will mark a milestone anniversary this year. Founded in 2003 by SMU alum Nikki Duong Koenig, the budding brand specializes in rendering family photos and the work of local artists in faux leather carryalls.


In honor of Cykochik’s tenth birthday, Koenig will launch a fundraising campaign via Kickstarter this Friday, March 8th. She hopes to raise a cool $10,000 for products and manufacturing, pursuant to growing her business into a full-time gig.



Cykochik has remained largely under the radar for the past few years, though its product gallery tempts with whimsical, colorful designs. The War X Love tote, for example, features the work of artist Gabriela Gasparini ($155, above left). Specialty portrait bags can also be created from snapshots of kids and pets ($180+, above right). Of note, all products are made in Dallas from hand-cut vinyl, lined with cotton.



The coming Kickstarter campaign will highlight Koenig’s Artist Series 3 Collection, a collaboration with local artist Kevin Obregon (products pictured above). Visit Custom-Handbags.com for more information.



(Images via Custom-Handbags.com and Cykochik)


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