Mockingbird Station Upgrades (Almost) Complete

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A favorite Dallas destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, Mockingbird Station has been growing like mad these past few months. In addition to the recent debuts of Mockingbird Taproom, Smashburger, and Castle Nail Spa, a detailed façade upgrade has also been underway since last August.



Slated for completion this spring, Station visitors will soon enjoy new landscape details, a shaded seating area with benches, and an elevated crosswalk between Urban Outfitters and West Elm. Various hardscape features have also been designed to enhance the flow of auto and foot traffic.

To date, Mockingbird Station boasts 40 shops and restaurants and some 350 permanent residents in luxury lofts. On-site and adjacent offices host 1,500 daytime professionals.


Here’s to new growth and an exciting year! For more information, visit



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