Exclusive Update: Stanley Marcus Film Production Continues




Back in December, DFW Style Daily’s Sean Charles shared the exciting news of a documentary in progress featuring fashion icon Stanley Marcus. Producers Jason Cirone, Mike Mullins, Melina McKinnon, and Michael Cain of Dallas’ M3 Films were well underway with their exploration of the life of the retail legend, author, and humanitarian behind Neiman Marcus. With additional funding needed, a Kickstarter campaign had been launched pursuant to European filming.


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As of January, the team exceeded their $20,000 Kickstarter goal. Production has proceeded, and today we present an exclusive update on the film’s progress from Jason Cirone of M3 Films:


“As an update, we are making good headway on the Stanley Marcus Documentary. We took a meeting with the French Embassy Agency last week. They were inquiring on opportunities to assist with our efforts in Paris during the European leg of production. They are eager to share the film with those in their office, along with other connections they have in France.  

“We are indentifying schedules of our confirmed interviews in London, Paris, Florence, and Milan for mid-April to early May. We are currently taking meetings with potential sponsors that have reached out with interest in joining the project. This is a great boost to the energy, as we are excited to have opportunities with corporations that believe in backing the film. We currently have a variety of industries interested, which furthers our belief that Mr. Stanley touched on the lives of many.”


As we eagerly await future updates on the Stanley Marcus Documentary, click below to watch the film’s trailer:



Visit M3FilmsLLC.com for more information and to find out how you can help.