Jewels By Brooke Gregson Shine At Grange Hall




Urban Flower/Grange Hall in Dallas hosted London-based jewelry designer Brooke Gregson on Tuesday, February 12th.

Owners Rajan Patel and Jeffrey Lee are treasures in our community, curating artful shopping in one of our favorite locations. Finding unique designers is among their many talents. In this case, the soothing nature of Gregson’s aura embodied the soul of this eclectic boutique.



A West Coast native, Gregson gains inspiration in all things natural. Later studies took her to the Chelsea School of Art in London, to fine tune her craftsmanship and skills. Of note, her works of fine woven waxed macramé are unique and modern – not crafty.

On a chat with DFW Style Daily during her Dallas visit, Gregson explained, “Being able to look at my work with passion is key. These three core elements are connected in my jewelry: beautiful raw gem stones, fabulous texture, and design elements.”



As their creation spans thousands of years, Gregson feels that precious stones are best left to nature. Rather than heat-treating, she keeps them in their raw and organic state. Her wearable works of art include diamonds, as well as opals, sapphires, garnets, and more.

Each stone has its own personality and shape, creating the driving force behind a unique finished piece. Subsequently, connecting her designs with their new owners is one of Gregson’s personal passions. With each design as unique as a finger print, she is thrilled to see shoppers become one with her creative outlet.


Prices range from $250 to $15,000; visit to explore.



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