Quoted: Are We Done Going Gaga For Gaga?

    When Stephani Germanotta hit the music scene in 2008, the world went gaga. Her look, her attitude, her dance beats - she was just what the pop world needed. Lady Gaga challenged conventions, and wowed her captive audience with both vocal and musical talent. For years, Lady Gaga could do no wrong. When she came to Dallas in July of 2010, tickets sold out almost immediately and the whole town was buzzing. Fast forward to her Born This Way Ball’s stop in Big D this January, however, and the hype and excitement was harder to find. What happened? Why were tickets left over this time around? Will Gaga suffer the fate of so many over-marketed pop stars and fade into the distance? To weigh in, we turned to 106.1 KISS FM radio personality Kellie Rasberry. Never one to mince words, we asked for her thoughts on Gaga’s relevance in radio and in fashion.     DFW Style Daily: Lady Gaga recently came to Dallas with her Born This Way Ball. The enthusiasm surrounding this tour was relatively small, which made us wonder if she is fading from relevance. What do you think? Kellie Rasberry: “Like a marriage, love ebbs and flows. Love for GaGa may be ebbing for some right now, but let her figure out some new twist on raw meat as outerwear and she'll be flowing again.”   We have a feeling Kellie may be right. If Gaga lives up to everyone’s expectations, she could return with a new bag of tricks. Only time will tell.     (Lead image via RyanSeacrest.com; Headshot courtesy of Kellie Rasberry)  

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