Leon McKenzie Muses on Hip-Hop & High Style

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Here at DFW Style Daily, we’re always dying to know what Dallas’ most talented folks are obsessing over, style-wise. For this week’s Obsession Confession, we tapped hip-hop artist Leon McKenzie to find out what he’s coveting.

Leaving his imprint on the city’s thriving music scene, McKenzie’s latest project, (B)EAST, earned him Best Mixtape honors from the Dallas Observer. He is also recognized as a cultural advocate for hip-hop, thanks to diverse professional pursuits that combine his passions for performance and technology. To wit, he is also a social media specialist with branding and communications firm, Brandpointe.


Today, we’ll find out how McKenzie satiates his appetite for song-inspired style.



The Obsession: McKenzie, a self-professed “hip-hop kid,” is addicted to combining a “collage of urban and suburban styles.”


The Confession: “To see style playing a major role in how the [hip-hop] culture is perceived is a unique and influential thing,” observes this expert. “As the industry has become more gentrified, it’s helped lead fashion into a new aesthetic that’s high-end yet globally-curated.”






The Rationalization: As McKenzie sees it, the evolution of urban-inspired style could spark a creative revolution. “It has transcended race, creed, pocketbook, and has spread globally – which is parallel to all great art in the history of man. It’s a good thing for hip-hop,” he explained.






The Collection: Also obsessed with collaborations between haute couture houses like Louis Vuitton and Givenchy and rappers like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, McKenzie’s current fixations include ultra-dropped pants and high-top sneakers by Rick Owens (shown above and left).


Shop It: Find this gent’s favorite things locally at Centre in Mockingbird Station. The trousers and tennies can also be snagged online from Bergdorf Goodman and SSense, respectively.





(Photo credits, from top: 1. Leon McKenzie, 2. BergdorfGoodman.com, 3. SSense.com)




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