Gasp! Stylish Dallasites Confess Guilty Fashion Pleasures

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Like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and pizza dipped in ranch dressing, some things are so bad they’re good.

Guilty pleasures come in all forms, and like a night in bed watching bad TV, we might also love slipping into (gasp!) an old, beat-up college sweatshirt and stretch pants from the juniors’ section at Target. These indulgences are necessary to our well-being, and we propose that it’s time we all stop feeling embarrassed about how much guilty pleasure we get from them. Every once in a while, even we fashion folks should own the joy behind our elastic waist pants. Or cheap lip gloss. Or furry, leopard-print slippers.

To get all of us inspired, we asked some of Dallas’ most stylish men and women to confess their guilty fashion pleasures. These secrets are more fun than a Real Housewives marathon!




Ashley Burghardt

Founder & Designer, Ashard Richley







“I wear my yoga pants as regular pants all the time, and on ‘fat days’ I steal my husband’s shirts. I think the bigger shirts makes me look smaller! And yes, I wear the yoga pants with those oversized button-ups!”




Holly Quartaro

Fashion Stylist &

Spokesperson, Galleria Dallas






“I think my personal favorite is a black knit maxi skirt. I wear it on those days when I would really like to stay in my p.j.’s, but the world has other plans! I say it’s knit, but the skirt is actually made of bamboo fibers, so it’s super-soft and stretchy. Plus, it has a folded waistband, so the reality is that it’s actually more comfortable than said p.j.’s!  Also, because it’s black, it goes with everything and always looks polished. It can even be pulled up and worn as a strapless dress or swimsuit cover-up. Shhh – it will be our little secret!”





Steve Kemble

America’s Sassiest Lifestlye Guru,

Television & Radio Personaility






“I suppose one would say I am bit obsessed with leopard! I went into my closet and pulled just a few of the leopard items I have – shoes, scarves, jackets, hats, and more (see below). Now I must admit, I became a bit concerned with my obsession when I found out Snooki was also obsessed with leopard, too. Oh my, I thought to myself. But then, I saw a picture of Rihanna in Dolce & Gabanna leopard, and I became even more obsessed. Whew!






Meko Krout-King

Owner, Flair For Fashion Productions






“My guilty pleasure is the days that I work from home, when I don’t have to put on heels and dress up. Being able to slide on a pair of footies, loose warm-ups, a t-shirt, and a natural face – being comfortable and free!”




Yvonne Crum

Philanthropist &

DFW Style Daily Best Dressed 2012 Honoree






“My guilty pleasure is black stretch pants. They are a lifesaver when I feel bloated and cannot decide what to wear. With those pants I can narrow my thinking down to a top! They go with a great jacket, or even an evening top. My favorites are by Dana Buchman. The fabric is great – she knew a woman’s body.”




Rhonda Sargent Chambers

Founder, RSC Show Productions &

DFW Style Daily Contributor






“I grew up riding motorcycles, but I sold my last Harley in 1999 when I found out that we were reproducing. So, I have always had a love for black, leather, and skulls! Like Chrissie Hynde, I have always leaned towards the bohemian way with a little classic piece thrown in. As a creature of habit, my favorite piece to pull on every day is my dad’s motorcycle jacket from the ‘60s, when he was a cop in California. I am also a sucker for black leather shorts and pants!

“Also, many items in my daily routine have not changed for over 30 years. I am still a lover of Maybelline Great Lash mascara, Dr. Pepper lip gloss, and chopsticks to put up my hair. However, my biggest guilty fashion pleasure most definitely would be big tag designer heels. I’ve worn my black suede Givenchy open-toe boots from Barney’s out!”




LeeAnne Locken

Model, Actress & Host







“On the days when I don’t have to leave the house, working from home, I leave my hair in a ponytail on top of my head and I wear my Dallas SWAT t-shirt with Juicy Couture sweat pants. I love comfort! Just hope no one catches me walking my dog in this outfit!”






Abby Gregory

Writer & DFW Style Daily Contributor






“I have a penchant for sky-high shoes, and even though I’m tall, I’m nearly always wearing a pair of heels. But when I’m working from home, you’ll find me in (wait for it…) leopard print, furry UGG slippers. And, since I’m a long-time UGG hater who believes footwear that ugly just shouldn’t exist, this confession really puts the guilt in guilty pleasure!”






Shona Gilbert

Designer & Founder, SHONA Reforming Vintage






“When thinking about this, I decided to go to one who really knows my sensibility when it comes to shopping and fashion – my mother. One of our favorite guilty pastimes is, and has always been, to meet for coffee and lose time at Buffalo Exchange. Yes, to buy, sell, and trade my end-of-season duds for a little something-something that might be timeless and inexpensive and even customizable, is my guilty pleasure.”



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