Galleria Gains Spanish Cult Fave, Uno De 50




Earlier this month, DFW Style Daily was invited to scope out new Galleria Dallas boutique, Uno De 50. Our visit paired browsing design exclusives and behind-the-brand intel on this intriguing international store front.


Founded in the late nineties by a group of artists in Madrid, Uno De 50 originated with the idea of creating unique pieces in limited numbers – 50, to be exact. The collective utilized materials such as silver, leather, and tree sap, drawing inspiration from nature and religious iconography. The resulting jewelry packed a bold statement, and its innate exclusivity due to limited quantities created a large demand for each seasonal collection.



This retail formula has generated a cult following. Uno De 50 jewels have been seen on celebrities and TV stars, and multiple boutique locations have already opened in North America, including Beverly Hills and New York City.


Of the brand’s new Dallas door, Manager Marie Casado observes, “People walk in with excitement.” Located on Level One at Galleria Dallas, in the former Betsey Johnson space, its interior temps passersby with earrings, charm necklaces, belts, cufflinks, and more. Price points also appeal, ranging from $50 to $200-plus.



But with such limited runs, by design, we couldn’t help but wonder, How many of each item does the Dallas location receive?


“Only four of each,” revealed Casado, making the store’s offerings all the more precious.



The Ibiza cuff (pictured above) is a hot seller at the moment, a large silver wrist cuff named after the idyllic island. It’s so hot, in fact, that in this special case, an additional very limited batch may be produced to satisfy demand.


And as Dallas shoppers get to know our first outpost of Uno De 50, plans are already underway for expansion. We learned that the brand currently awaits a space at NorthPark Center, and plans also include future locations in Houston and San Antonio. And in case you’re wondering, the limited collections of 50 pieces will stay the same, even as new boutiques open.



DFW Style Daily welcomes this unique newcomer to the local shopping scene. Step in now and check out Uno De 50’s current collections, while they last.



(All photos, credit DFW Style Daily)