Trending: Spring’s Clear Motivation

    A new season is upon us in the fashion world, and with it comes a fresh round of trends. Whether you take ‘em or leave ‘em, per your personal taste, these items and ideas inform the decisions of retailers, editors, and consumers across the board.   Today, DFW Style Daily kicks off our Trending series for Spring 2013. In the weeks to come, we’ll share with you the most notable among the new crop, along with insights and shopping suggestions.   In her Trend Overview of Spring/Summer 2013 for Fashion Group International, Marylou Luther explained; "The pairing of opposites has been an ongoing story for several seasons, but for spring, the dichotomies seem even stronger.” The industry expert went on to note such polarized pairs as black and white, prints and solids, and stilettos and flats.   Today, we’ll begin with a trend that also attracts opposites -- translucent and transparent clothing and accessories. From day to evening, splurge to steal, statement pieces to small accents, the look is clearly making a comeback.     We haven't seen this trend in such magnitude for a very long time. Not since the ‘80s (shown above), have clear plastic bags, jewelry, and sheer accents been so prevalent. Fast forward a few decades, and we spot the trend in current designer collections:    

Transparent On The Runway

    Helmut Lang’s sheer delight in citrus sunrise orange.                             Dior’s take is translucent and transcending. A futuristic sheer skirt is surprisingly paired with a business-like three-button jacket.                             Donna Karan hits her third hot-selling spring season, with mint and sheer just in the right places. Note the matching ladylike kitten heels, another continuing trend.                           From Jeffrey Campbell's current collection come these Lucite wedges.                         Furla is banking on this ‘Candy’ bag to make its mark in the market, shown here in blue and also available in clear. It’s already selling out in both see-through tones, and many other patterns in plastic.                    

Shop The Trend

    The ‘Allison’ handbag ($39.99), from a website devoted to clear bags, comes with a removable satin insert. Gucci’s spring must-have sunglasses ($225) will match everything in your closet.   Additional research by Natalie Starnes.   (Photo credits, from top: 1. and, 2. Imaxtree, 3., 4., 5., 6., 7. and  

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