New ZAR Clothier Combines Expert Service, Top Brands For Men

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 “My customers represent me and ZAR when they leave home.
I want them to look their best.” – Roy Rizwan


There is a long standing misconception that men aren’t fashion minded, don’t care about their wardrobes, or just rely on their female counterparts to dress them. Truth is, most men, like most women, want to look and feel their best. While they may not obsess over the details, and they are probably not as worried about how their backsides look in jeans (maybe us women could take a cue from the guys on this note), modern men have come to realize that appearance does matter.

Thanks to Roy Rizwan and his new store ZAR Clothier, Dallas men have a new destination to develop their style through exclusive luxury brands and expert service.



After 17 years of retail experience, most recently for Hugo Boss, Rizwan decided to take the plunge and open his own men’s clothing boutique. Of ZAR’s vision, he explains, “With all my experience, I knew exactly what I wanted the concept of the store to be – a boutique style experience where men could find high end, luxury brands for every body type and style under one roof.”

True to this goal, with brands such as Ted Baker, Jack Victor, Ike Behar, Elie Tahari, AG Jeans, Café Blu, and Jacob Holston, ZAR Clothier is replete with styles and fits for every man. Whether athletic, slim, or otherwise hard-to-fit, Rizwan has factored all sizes into his buys and is prepared to give honest feedback. He knows exactly how every brand fits, what colors should be matched, and how to make his customers personalities come through. With his candid and friendly approach, Rizwan considers details his customers may not.



Further, Rizwan’s keen understanding of his clients hones his focus in the area of convenience. “I wanted to make it easy for my customers to come in and out and leave with everything they need,” said the new owner. “Men don’t shop very often so I want them to come to me to get a suit, jeans, shoes, shirts, belts, etc.”

All this, in a beautifully curated space designed for maximum client accommodation and comfort. “You have to know your customer first. Service is the most important and rewarding part of my job,” Rizwan explains of his overall philosophy. “I do everything for my clients and my number one goal is to make them comfortable.”

Visit ZAR Clothier at 6160 Sherry Lane in Dallas. Rizwan will open a second location in Southlake this spring.



(All photos, credit ZAR Clothier)


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