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    Elisa Project to Honor Elizabeth Showers Dallas-based jewelry designer Elizabeth Showers marks almost all of her stunning works of wearable art with the Hope Star symbol. A reminder for all women to “feel beautiful every day,” it also holds personal meaning for Showers, who struggled with an eating disorder in her early adulthood. Bringing the mission full-circle, we learn this week via My Sweet Charity that Showers will be honored with the 2013 Star of Hope Award from The Elisa Project. Presentation will take place at the upcoming Life Lessons Luncheon on January 22nd, a signature event for the organization devoted to eating disorder education and advocacy. For more information on the Life Lessons Luncheon, visit our Event Calendar.       Burch and Burch Settle Legal Differences Embroiled for the better part of a year in a much-publicized court battle, designer Tory Burch and ex-husband Chris have finally agreed to a truce. Why now? Well, The New York Times’ On The Runway blog reports that hesitation from potential investors in the Tory Burch brand likely prompted the decision. The pair settled their claims and counterclaims, including Tory’s allegation that Chris’ brand C. Wonder was just a copycat of her own. She now confirms two new investors in her brand, and The New York Post hints at a possible upcoming IPO.       Gap Acquires Intermix, Looks Ahead Finally, from WWD, by way of Racked, we learn of changes to come in light of Gap, Inc.’s December 31st acquisition of Intermix. Focused on an integration of online and in-store shopping experiences, Gap’s “omnichannel strategy” for Intermix will combine web browsing with brick-and-mortar pick-up. In exchange for this enhancement of its e-tail experience, Intermix will offer Gap a boost in the luxury sportswear category. We like the sound of this new partnership, and we’ll keep an eye out for updates in coming months.     (Photo credits, from top: 1. Facebook.com, 2. Charles Thompson via Eatocracy.com, 3. IntermixOnline.com)  

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