Dallas Trendsetters Reveal 2013 Fashion Resolutions

  A new year begins tomorrow and resolutions abound. Losing weight, drinking less, exercising more – many tried and true promises will again be renewed. Though we certainly admire these goals, we’re also keen on learning how 2013 will affect the shopping and dressing habits of our city’s top trendsetters. Here comes into play creativity, impulse control, and making the most of our existing wardrobes.   With this idea in mind, for the second year in a row, we polled a group of stylish, savvy Dallasites to see what they will do differently with their wardrobes come January 1st. Read on for inspiration and get ready to set your own fashionable resolutions.       Ariel Saldivar Owner & Designer, Olivia K Jewelry Owner, Oak Cliff Soap Company Development Director, Goss Michael Foundation         “I will layer muted colors, and use accessories to add pops of color. I will also continue to expand my vintage collection to inspire my wardrobe.”       Tammy Theis Stylist & Founder, Wallflower Management           “I’m pretty true to my shopping and wardrobe habits. I actually can’t shop while I’m styling a shoot. I’m too distracted by the images in my head, and what I need to pull. Since I don’t have a lot of time to shop, and doing it for jobs has kind of spoiled the joy of the hunt for me, I try to hone in on really strong, basic pieces. “I’m a minimalist, and I wear mostly black, so that never changes. As far as 2013, I’m loving the graphic black and white trend for Spring, and that will suit me well. I’m a big Alexander Wang fan, also, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing what he will do with Balenciaga. “As far as specific pieces, I’m sure I’ll find some Vanessa Bruno heel or sandal at V.O.D. that I won’t be able to live without. I also love Raquel Allegra and R13 t-shirts, and I can’t live without my black BDG cigarette jeans from Urban Outfitters.”       Stephanie Quadri Stylist with SisterBrother Management Freelance Fashion Writer           “My shopping resolution for 2013 is to invest in more accessories. I am lacking in the jewelry department, and would love to experiment more with accessories. I have plenty of wardrobe staples, and wearing a variety of accessories can really elevate and change-up a look.”       Susan Posnick CEO, Susan Posnick Cosmetics           “I guess I will try and shop more from my own closet! I've been shopping and collecting  for years, and I want to find ways to reinvent and wear what's already in my closet - to see my ‘stuff’ with new eyes. “With regard to purchases, [I will] edit, edit, edit. I’ll go with need rather than want, and reduce my impulse buying even more. Usually, an impulse buy ends up staying on the hanger, and I have more than enough ‘closet art.’ I also need to clean my closet out!”       Patrick Ware Co-Owner, Warehaus Men’s Boutique           “What I will do differently in 2013 is wear pastel colors and prints. I have always been a sucker for grey, but I think it's good to tweak your style by adding pieces to your look.”       Morgan Thaxton Manager & Buyer, Urban Flower Grange Hall           “My 2013 shopping resolution is that I’ll stop wearing so much color and start buying black. …I’m being grossly facetious, of course!”       Terri Provencal President, Provencal Consulting Group Editor-in-Chief, Patron Magazine         “For years my husband has been telling me to invest in classics. I’ve always loved evening attire much more than daywear, so I find myself recycling the same suits and separates for work. While I will likely splurge on one great gown, for 2013 I plan to reallocate some of my nighttime bling budget for modern classic blouses and tops in the cool blues of the Spring season. Also, you can never go wrong with a great pair of black slacks. It’s always the first thing I reach for in my closet.”       J.T. Osgood Owner, Songbird Society Salon           “I will try to not to make impulse buys. I feel like I have the basics, so I will keep my eyes open for special layering pieces and accessories that can help create interest. I don’t want to take what I wear too seriously, but rather find a few pieces I love to mix it up, be comfortable, and just have fun!”       Dave Gates Texas Area Director, Billy Reid           “For Spring, I'm going be wearing faded chinos in brick red and navy, light wash jeans, cotton suits in khaki, and green linen Prince of Wales plaid suits. And a crisp white shirt is always in the rotation. I’ve been wearing dark jeans and heavier fabrics, so these will be welcome changes.”       Harriet Kelly Founder & Director, MODEL CITIZEN           “My New Year's style resolution is to enjoy expressing my own unique aesthetic, and encourage clients and friends to do the same. Fun is highly underrated as a lifestyle choice for many people. I came from a generation that survived many fashion dictators, so it's a thrill to be part of a new era of beauty, grace, and power in unique expression. There are still plenty of fashion rules to follow in whatever business you choose, but finding your own voice while holding people's attention is the ultimate power play in personal style.”       Heather Lettieri Contributor, DFW Style Daily           “My fashion resolution is to build up my vintage designer wardrobe. Every month, I plan to invest in a designer piece that I truly love and will last a lifetime. Right now, I have my eye on a Lanvin shirt dress at Factory Girl, and a cropped Escada sweater at Ditto Boutique.”    

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