Rag & Bone’s David Neville Chats Highland Park Village Debut

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Wednesday, December 19th, marked a great day for fashion in Dallas. A 1600-square foot Rag & Bone boutique officially opened for business in Highland Park Village, adding to our city’s landscape of modern, stylish, and cool shopping destinations.


Founded in 2002 by David Neville and Marcus Wainwright (pictured above), the men had a clear vision in mind: to make clothes that they and their friends would love to wear every day. The importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail has guided Rag & Bone ever since, making the line both a consumer and editorial favorite. Anna Wintour, of note, has been one of Neville and Wainwright’s biggest supporters since their first collection debuted.


With a strong British tailoring influence, Rag & Bone produces classic yet modern sportswear for men and women. For each effortlessly cool piece, Neville and Wainwright seek out innovative and classic fabrics, lending their clothes both modern relevance and a timeless feel.


On a visit to Dallas in conjunction with the boutique’s opening, we spoke with David Neville about this new addition and the foundation of Rag & Bone’s wild success.



DFW Style Daily: Why did you choose to open in Dallas? Why now? 

David Neville: “Highland Park Village is a premier shopping destination, and they came to us. It was an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. They said, ‘We will give you the space, and do what you will, but we will be watching you!’ We will certainly have to prove ourselves!”
How involved were you and Marcus in designing the space?

“I am happy with how the space turned out. We were a little worried about it, since it was a Bang & Olufsen store [previously]. We weren’t sure what we would find! We wanted to keep it consistent with our other NYC stores, to keep the look and feel consistent with our brand. We were able to expose some brick and give it the right feel.”



What are you hoping to offer Dallas? How do you think your brand fits into in this city?

“I think we fit well in Highland Park Village. It is high-end, but also has stores that feel more urban and are still interested in making and selling high-quality goods. I like that here you have Harry Winston and Chanel next to DVF, Scoop, Billy Reid, and now us.

“We once had the good fortune of meeting with Ralph Lauren, and he told us the most important thing to do is have a free-standing store. It’s the only way to establish a brand, and give customers the attention they need. We want to offer customers a full collection and establish a solid relationship with them. Plus, we were in a position to expand and take our brand to new places.

“Now that we have moved into accessories, our customer base has grown. Our shoes sell very well and the handbags, although new, are already doing very well. I think we offer our Dallas customers quality goods that feel modern and classic, which they will appreciate.”


Is there a secret to your success?

“We have always been very focused on craftsmanship and quality. We have been successful because we offer customers quality goods that are classic in design, but have an urban and modern feel. Opulence and high luxury has taken a back seat since our world has changed. Customers are not looking for that experience as much anymore. We tap into that – it’s about staying current with the world and how things evolve economically and culturally.”



Editor’s Note: Initially announced as a temporary pop-up shop by Highland Park Village, Dallas’ Rag & Bone boutique will be a permanent retail location.



(Headshot image via Rag-Bone.com. Store interior images by Kristi and Scot Redman.)


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