Video Exclusive: Page Parkes on Texas Talent, TV Fame & Channing Tatum

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You may recognize Page Parkes from the E! Network show Scouted, and you may have heard her name buzzed about in fashion circles throughout Texas. A renowned model agent, scout, and entrepreneur, Parkes notably discovered Channing Tatum, People Magazine’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive.


A veteran in the industry, Parkes opened her first office in Dallas almost 30 years ago, and has expanded the Page Parkes Talent Agency to include representation of both models and actors across the state.


Devoted to nurturing the careers of her discoveries, Parkes is also committed to the community. Her newest project is Role Model Camp, a program through which she helps teenage girls learn to be more confident in themselves.


We sat down with Page Parkes in Dallas earlier this month to learn more about her company, philosophy, and next moves.





Videography and editing by Ric Mulligan. Priya Bhola Rathod’s wardrobe provided by Mockingbird Station.


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