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Clothing Factory Fire Prompts Action, Questions

The heart-wrenching report of a deadly garment factory fire in Bangladesh leads the news this morning on the New York Times’ website. Over 100 workers died in a blaze last month at Tazreen Fashions Ltd., which manufactured clothing for Sears and Walmart, among other global retailers. Operating on the “margins” of a complicated international supply chain, according to the article, the factory’s workforce comprised many young rural women earning as little as $45 per month. The fire prompted Sears and Walmart to terminate suppliers who subcontracted with Tazreen Fashions, and the government of Bangladesh has also launched safety inspections of all garment factories in the country. Many questions remain, however, about oversights which may have contributed to the tragedy. For the full story, visit NYTimes.com.




H&M Goes Greener

Launching globally in early 2013, we learn from Racked of fast fashion juggernaut H&M’s new iCollect recycling program. In cashier-adjacent bins, shoppers’ old clothing will be traded for discount vouchers. According to the report, garments of “any type” will be accepted. This effort complements the retailer’s eco-friendly plans to increase utilization of organic cotton and phase-out certain hazardous chemicals.




American Apparel’s At It Again

Oft-embattled American Apparel is yet again under fire for presenting borderline pornographic product photography. Via Fashionista comes the news that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a U.K. watchdog group, has proclaimed certain current ads to be “irresponsible” in their sexualized depiction of semi-nude models who look to be underage. The ASA declared that the ads “must not appear again,” though this judgment only applies across the pond. Fashionista posits that similar U.S.-based groups may soon follow suit. American Apparel stands by the pictures.




An Ambassadorship For Anna?

Finally, following a blockbuster fundraising effort for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour is now reportedly being considered for an ambassadorship to the U.K. or France. Via Huffington Post and Bloomberg, we learn that Wintour may be on the short list of candidates for the posts, though a rep for Vogue said the editrix is “very happy with her current job.” We’ll keep you posted on developments.



(Photo credits, from top: 1. Andrew Biraj/Reuters via NYTimes.com, 2. EthicalNeuroses.wordpress.com, 3. DFW Style Daily, 4. 4top-luxury-interior-design.blogspot.com)

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