Quoted: Cynthia Smoot On Glamour’s Women of the Year

    Since 1990, Glamour magazine has honored women who are, according to Editor Cindi Leive, “…gutsy and glamorous. They have had a great year and have the give-back factor. They are making a difference in the lives of others.” This year’s Women of the Year honorees span a wide range from Selena Gomez to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, with Jenna Lyons and Annie Leibovitz thrown into the mix.   Publications put out lists such as this hoping to inspire readers and recognize luminaries in our world who stand out for one reason or another. Given the skepticism of the media, however, we wondered whether the fashion mag hit the mark with this recent roster. Or, is it just boring readers with another catch-all who’s who list?   To weigh in on this week’s Quoted topic, we asked Cynthia Smoot, social media strategist with Gangway Advertising and creator of the popular Dallas lifestyle blog Oh So Cynthia.     DFW Style Daily: Do you think Glamour’s 2012 Women of the Year list is a fair representation of today’s modern woman? Does this list inspire you personally? Do you think that the requirements would be the same for men?   Cynthia Smoot: “This year's list is incredibly varied, as it should be. No woman I know wants to be put in a box, and each of these women shines for her own unique reason. I generally do not like lists because I feel that every person has a unique set of talents to contribute to the world, and who are we to say which talents or skills are more deserving of recognition than others? At the same time, it is nice to see people honored for their efforts. “I don't think men and women will ever be equally compared, and quite frankly, I don't think we should be. It's like comparing an apple and a potato, and asking which one is better. I choose to celebrate our differences instead of struggling to make us more ‘equal’.  I hope one day we can get to a point where we are not comparing men to women, we are just appreciating what makes us all fabulous!”   (Cover image via JustJared.com)  

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