Shop the Etsy Holiday Mini-Market at Mockingbird Station Thursday

    If you haven’t purchased something from Etsy yet, you are missing some seriously great goods. If you’re already an Etsy-aholic, then you’re familiar with the feel-good sensation of shopping a site that supports craftspeople who bring a little bit of heart and soul to e-commerce.   Luckily for us, this warm and fuzzy and fun brand of shopping is coming to Relativity Outdoors at Mockingbird Station this Thursday, November 29th. The Etsy Handmade Holiday Mini-Market will be open for business that night from 6 to 9 p.m.   Etsy artisans April Wade of Created New, Christie Cone of Christie Cone Ceramics, and Shamsy Roomiani of Regular Printing, will feature their original handcrafted wares.     Just in time for the holidays, shoppers can peruse Wade’s colorful and stylish assortment of homemade scarves (shown at top), as well as Cone’s beautifully rustic clay bowls, brooches, sculptures, and more (example above). Roomiani, in addition to her own screen prints and paper art, will offer a special holiday ornament-making workshop. Visitors can create their own ornaments to take home or adorn the in-store tree, which will be donated to a family in need through the CitySquare organization.   Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet local artisans and snap up some quality handmade goods.  Whether you’re shopping for gifts, or for yourself, nothing feels quite as special as wearing or decorating your home with something made by hand and from the heart.       (Image credits, from top: 1., 2., 3. Mockingbird Station)      

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