Luxeliner Boutique Rolls Into Dallas Monday, November 26th

    A few years ago, the idea of purchasing anything directly from a truck was unheard of - but times have changed. Food trucks now dominate urban areas and have become an undeniable trend, and the shopping experience is also entering this new era. In a society where the trifecta of multitasking, convenience, and mobility rules, the act of consumption has adapted.   Opening for business Monday, November 26th, Luxeliner will bring a new brand of mobile shopping to Dallas. Forget the food; this truck is filled with luxury goods for Dallas’ discerning shoppers. Before the doors open (or wheels start rolling, as it were), we wanted to find out more about this new venture in retail. We talked to two of Luxeliner’s founders, Capa Mooty and Jen Clark, to get the inside scoop.     DFW Style Daily: Where did the idea for Luxeliner originate?   Capa Mooty and Jen Clark: “We are five friends, Charlotte Jones Anderson, Jennifer Clark, Alyson Griffith, Capa Mooty, and Wendy Poston, who are passionate about fashion and thought, Why not start a mobile boutique?   "We bought a FedEx truck, lacquered it black, and filled it with our most favorite things. We want it to feel like you are shopping in your best friend's closet, and we have focused on buying what we love best. We also carry fun, easy gifts, and are striving to be like a Kitson-on-Wheels.”   The mobile shop idea has become very popular, especially with food trucks. Why were you attracted to this model and what advantages does it have over a brick and mortar store?   “We love the fact that we can take the truck straight to the clients. This gives us flexibility, and opens up our client base to include high school and college students, and people in smaller suburbs who find it harder to get to Dallas to shop. We aren't pinned down to a specific locale, and we can do private showings and events all around Dallas.”   What products will you be selling?    “We will sell a huge range of accessories and gifts, as well as fur vests, leather leggings, scarves, and a fantastic line of basic (but hard to find) tees. Our price point will range from $20 key chains to $500 python clutches.”   Merchandising product in a truck can be difficult. What issues have you faced creating the interior of your mobile store?   “It has not been difficult to merchandise our inventory, since we mainly carry easy-to-try-on pieces. We have tons of fun, grab-and-go items, which are easy to move and place. The most challenging issue has been selling out of merchandise, since we have limited storage. Consequently, we try to stock pieces that can be immediately replaced.”   What locations will the truck frequent? Will you rotate on a regular basis, or just randomly pick locations?   “We will be parking biweekly at DeBoulle Diamond and Jewelry (6821 Preston Rd., Dallas). You can also find Luxeliner at the Hotel Lumen (6101 Hillcrest Ave., Dallas) once a week. We will be posting our whereabouts on Twitter @LUXELINER, and on Facebook, and we are always available for private events.”   Finally, how will this shopping experience be unique?   “The whole idea of a Dallas fashionista coming to shop inside of an eye-catching shiny truck is unique. But, we feel sure that once our clients get a taste of Luxeliner, it will become their latest shopping obsession! Add in our very favorite items, edited with love and care by five ladies who adore fashion, and we know it will be, in one word, boom!”   Follow Luxeliner on Twitter and Facebook for location updates, or email [email protected].  

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