Quoted: Gordon Keith Sounds Off On The Mavs Dancers’ New Look




Ah, sports. All that testosterone, muscle, money, and ego on display to keep us mere mortals entertained. On fields and stadiums, all kinds of emotions are aroused – especially when it comes to the groups of young women who support the teams with dancing and cheering in order to keep the fans on their toes.


On November 5th, as our Dallas Mavericks battled the Blazers, the Mavs Dancers debuted their new uniforms (pictured above) to a sea of spectators. White spandex, lots of sparkles, and very little else, raised eyebrows and heart rates. Being fashion-focused, we wanted to know what sports-minded folks thought about the dancers’ new look.


We turned to The Ticket radio host and Emmy-winning television personality Gordon Keith (pictured below) to tell it like it is. You may want to brace yourself for his response:



DFW Style Daily: The Mavs Dancers’ revealing new uniforms have raised eyebrows. Even though these women are cheerleaders, and showing their bodies is par for the course, do you think the outfits are appropriate? Or, have they taken the idea of showing some skin too far?


Gordon Keith: “The problem isn’t skimpiness. The problem is silliness. I think the new outfit looks like an aerial shot of a 1977 Trans Am. The cut outs on the sides look slightly and tastefully idiotic and the ‘skort’ look is so last week.


“The Mavs need to ditch the isthmus of cloth down the middle and embrace an uninterrupted sea of tanned flesh above hot pants. A modern sports dancer’s uniform should do two things: arouse the libido and offer gynecological proof of gender. This fails on both counts.”



(Image credits, from top: 1. Yahoo Sports, 2. UnTicket.com)