Garance Doré On Blogging, Dallas Style & Not Being ‘Snobby’

    October 25th was a great day for Dallas fashion lovers. The incomparably charming Garance Doré visited Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center, offering numerous fans who are inspired by her down-to-earth approach to fashion a chance to see her in action. We sat down with the influential photographer, illustrator, and writer for a one-on-one chat.   For starters, there was no doubt that the question looming in everyone’s mind on the occasion of this visit was, What does Garance Doré think of Dallas style?   New York City, Paris, London, and Milan are all fashion Meccas, of course, but Texas, and Dallas in particular, has it’s own unique sensibility. It’s a little bit big, a little bit flashy, a little bit trendy, but certainly glamorous and sophisticated. In recent years, Dallas fashion has also become more playful and edgy (which we love).   When asked about her impressions of our city’s style, Doré was very enthusiastic.  “I grew up watching Dallas on TV, so I always had this mythical idea of Texas and wanted to see it for myself,” she explained. “I love the style here; it is very unique and everyone is so put-together. I love how much attention women pay to their appearance here. I feel so underdressed everywhere we go!”   Looking at the bigger picture, the fact that Doré is an expert voice in fashion is still a surprise to this small town girl at heart. She recalled, “I never dreamed I would work in fashion – I always loved fashion but never thought it was possible. I am from Corsica and was isolated from things like fashion.”   That dream and her passion to work as an illustrator was finally realized, but once it became a “job” it lost its luster.  In an effort to keep her vision intact, and thanks to the online world, Doré launched her blog in 2006.     “When I started my blog, I had no idea what I was trying to communicate,” she confessed to us. “I just wanted to put my illustrations out there. When I started, I was older than most fashion and style bloggers. I was comfortable with myself and could just follow my own interests and creative passions. I certainly was never trying to start a business.”   Whether she was trying or not, it happened. With 183,000-plus followers on Twitter, front row seats at fashion shows, advertising campaigns, and more, Doré has become a prominent and respected voice in the fashion world. And according to her, this success is owed to maintaining a fresh, often lighter, perspective.   In plain terms, she stated, “Fashion is not all snobby like people think. It is really about being creative and looking for things that are new and different. I always look for a sense of humor with what I do. You can’t take fashion too seriously.”   Indeed, what Doré does do, amidst a sea of near identical fashion bloggers, is unique. Yes, she takes photos (really beautiful photos) of fabulous looking women in fabulous outfits, and yes, she covers fashion shows and interviews famous people. But – and this is key - she does it without any ego or pretension.   Doré’s blog is not about Garance Doré, it is about sharing the things she finds beautiful and inspiring and interesting in the world with her readers.   What’s more, Doré has recently found a new way to express her creative energy and sense of humor. Through her Pardon My French videos, she takes her audience along on her travels, and gives them a glimpse into her life. They see her interview the people she admires, walk down the streets of beautiful cities, and laugh at herself in certain situations.   “I wanted to expose the real journey of the job. It’s a work in progress but so far, it has been really fun,” she explained of the new initiative.   This focus on being authentic and having fun is precisely why people from Big D to Hong Kong look to Doré as an inspiration. Her perspective and passion remind us all that living stylishly is about following your own creative instincts and being yourself.       (Photos via Neiman Marcus and    

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