Dylan Lauren Charms at Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center

    On a trip through Dallas earlier this week, Dylan Lauren stopped by Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center to sign copies of her book, Unwrap Your Sweet Life and show off a few delicious holiday gifts.   Though you may have never visited one of her Dylan’s Candy Bar shops, you’ve probably glimpsed the growing chain’s Manhattan flagship on TV hits Project Runway or the Barefoot Contessa, or perhaps in a feature film like Arthur. Founded in 2001, Dylan Lauren’s sweet shop empire has expanded in the past decade to include locations in Los Angeles, Houston, and East Hampton. A brand-new store in Miami is also opening soon.     The daughter of iconic American fashion designer Ralph Lauren and artist and photographer Ricky Lauren, this young entrepreneur’s love of candy started at a very early age. Growing more recognizable by the day, her company logo, vibrant packaging, and store interiors also reflect a talent for artful, irresistible presentation. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including Fashion Group International’s prestigious “Rising Star Award” for Retail Design.   Between visits with fans and quick spoonfuls of frozen yogurt, the upbeat brunette took a moment to wax nostalgic about Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. In her book, she wrote of the film’s influence on her life and career, “My brother David and I must have watched that move more than a hundred times through the years, and its theme song, ‘Pure Imagination’ became my personal mantra.”   No surprise, then, that Ms. Lauren’s favorite holiday gift items reflect a whimsical sensibility. Among this year’s offerings, on display at the store, she pointed out to us her Giant Cookie Advent Calendar ($60) and a colorful Dylan’s Candy Bar Deluxe Bundle of Sweets ($54, pictured above).     And speaking of stores, we couldn’t resist asking the lady of the hour if a location of Dylan’s Candy Bar could be in the works for Big D. To answer the question, she handed off to Robert Cohen of Robert K. Futterman & Associates, her real estate expert.   “It’s conceivable,” Cohen stated, explaining that a part of Ms. Lauren’s latest trip to our fair city involved weighing options, real estate-wise. In addition, he elaborated that expanded boutique-in-store areas at local Neiman Marcus locations may also be a possibility.   A sweet tip, indeed. We’ll keep you posted on developments, and in the meantime, visit DylansCandyBar.com and Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center to get your fix.   (All photos, credit Sylvia Elzafon for DFW Style Daily)  

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